Odablock claims he was “targeted” in sweeping OSRS ban amid Kick controversy

Jeremy Gan

Odablock has claimed he was “targeted” in a sweeping ban of all his old school Runescape accounts amid his controversial statements on Kick. 

Odablock, one of Runescape’s most popular streamers today, has been embroiled in controversy since his move to Kick from Twitch. The move, he says, was because Twitch treated him like “s***.”

And since his transition to the rival platform, he has been seen making transphobic comments, some of which he even admits would not normally fly on Twitch under their terms of service. 

This resulted in the clan he was in, with other OSRS streamers, deciding to leave after his controversial comments were spread around. He claimed that his transphobia was valid as he is a practicing Muslim and could not support it.

Now days after the clan’s breakdown, he revealed that all of his old school Runescap accounts have now been banned. In a recent stream, he spent the better part of the hour-long broadcast explaining the supposed reasoning for his widespread ban. 

He first claimed that his account was banned because it was getting “serviced”, which is a term in OSRS for when an account is being shared between players. Odablock claims it is not bannable, but it is in OSRS’s guidelines. 

“They are saying that I spent 400 hours of my accounts being serviced, and that’s why it’s not a temporary ban.” He added, “also, they are claiming this information is from a year or two ago, that’s so f***ing weird.”

He went on to claim that Jagex, the developers of OSRS, targeted him with the ban amid the string of controversy. “It just goes to show you, that they’re trying to shovel anything just to put me to the ground.” He continued, “It’s obviously a targeted ban, let’s get that out of the way, it’s 100% targeted.” 

In conclusion, he added that a recent player who had been promoted as a Senior Anti-Cheating Specialist, Mod Trident, allegedly “dug dirt” on him to find a reason to ban him. Claiming that he was banned because of his recent controversial outbursts.