Nintendo leaks release for Terry, Byleth & Banjo Smash Ultimate amiibo

Michael Gwilliam
Smahs Ultimate Terry, Banjo, Byleth amiiboNintendo

Nintendo tweeted and then promptly deleted the release dates for all the new amiibo announced by Smash Ultimate creator Masahiro Sakurai during his Minecraft Steve fighter presentation.

While the Smash creator revealed the Terry Bogard, Byleth and Banjo amiibos would be coming out in 2021, the Nintendo of America Twitter account was more specific.

In a now-deleted tweet, Nintendo claimed the three amiibo would be releasing in Fall 2021, which would be one full-year away.

“New Smash Smash Bros series amiibo will be arriving 2021,” the tweet said. “Get collecting with the Banjo & Kazooie amiibo figure, be the teacher’s pet with the Byleth amiibo figure, and serve up a burn knuckle sandwich with the Terry amiibo!”

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Nintendo deleted tweetNintendo
Nintendo deleted a tweet for the next three Smash amiibo.

The tweet wasn’t up for very long, however, and it’s unclear exactly why Nintendo decided to delete it.

One possibility is that the amiibo are actually not releasing in Fall 2021 and the tweet was made in error. Another theory is that not all of the three will be coming out at the same time with one or two releasing earlier.

It’s important to note that Smash Ultimate amiibo releases are normally accompanied either shortly before or after a DLC fighter is revealed.

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Terry attacks Falcon in SmashNintendo
Fans wanting the Terry amiibo may have to wait a full year.

For every single DLC revealed with the exception of Min Min, amiibo have released alongside the new fighter. So, if these release dates are accurate, it does mess with amiibo theory a tad bit.

Additionally, the final and eleventh characters in Fighters Pass Volume 2 is still scheduled for a December, 2021 release so this may beg the question: will the DLC be delayed?

In any case, hopefully the next batch of Smash DLC isn’t getting pushed back, but for anyone hoping to get their hands on a Steve or Min Min amiibo, it seems you may be having to wait over a year.

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