Nintendo insider drops info on rumored January Direct & new Switch model

Michael Gwilliam

With rumors of a January Nintendo Direct and even a new advanced Switch model announcement swirling around gaming communities, a French insider is claiming to reveal some new information.

For some time now, eagle-eyed Nintendo fans have been spotting updates happening to the Direct archive website and YouTube playlists, further fueling anticipation for a big announcement.

While nothing is set in stone quite yet, French leaker Nintend’Alerts took to Twitter to reveal some news they claim to have heard. As always, take this rumor with a grain of salt, but do keep in mind that the user had previously leaked information about the Switch Lite in 2019.

Responding to a post from fellow insider Kelios about the Japanese Nintendo Direct playlist being updated, Nintend’Alerts wrote that there might be information coming very soon.

When pressed about if there would be details regarding software in addition to hardware, the insider responded that while he expects just hardware info, it seems logical that news about games will follow.

That said, the announcement itself, if real, could just be focusing on the new Switch console, or whatever hardware it is. “Personally, I haven’t heard of a Direct, just a possible hardware announcement very, very soon,” Nintend’Alerts added.

As for when the news will drop, they claimed that it will come in the “near future” on Monday or Tuesday, though it’s unclear if the leaker meant January 11 or 12 or in the following weeks.

Furthermore, they added that the product may be “limited.” In that case, it’s anyone’s guess what hardware the insider was talking about, though they may have added one final clue.

“It might be time to release a Zelda console whether it’s a new model or a classic one,” Nintend’Alerts said, potentially alluding to a potential release date for Breath of the Wild 2 being announced.

Speculation about a potential new Nintendo Switch reached a boiling point last week when a dataminer was able to find some details hidden within the console’s firmware.

The advanced Switch, codenamed “Aula,” is believed to have 4K capabilities and “substantially” better battery life.

We’ll have to wait and see exactly what Nintendo has in store for us, but signs are pointing to a reveal of some sort happening soon.

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