Viral Nintendo Direct “leak” reveals Switch Pro, BOTW 2 & more – is it real?

Published: 5/Jan/2021 20:59

by Michael Gwilliam


A new Nintendo Direct “leak” has surfaced online claiming that on January 11, the Japanese gaming juggernaut will unveil a Switch pro and plenty of new games. The only question is, of course, is it real?

Nintendo didn’t have a real Direct for all of 2020, instead streaming a series of Mini and Indie Directs in an attempt to quench fans’ thirst for content.

For those still starved for Nintendo news, you may not have too much longer to wait to see some big game reveals if this leaked document proves to be real and not some hoax.

The leak in question is of a sheet of paper detailing all the games and hardware that will be shown off at a January Nintendo Direct. The top of the page features the Nintendo logo in all its glory with a big bolded “internal use only” directly under it.

Nintendo Switch Pro and games ‘leaked’

From there, the document claims that Nintendo will be unveiling its next piece of hardware in the form of a Switch Pro, that will have 4K support, pro Joycons, a HD screen and a price of $399.

A date for the Switch Pro is listed as April 23, 2021, which seems to be the planned release.

Elsewhere, new games listed include Mario Kart 9, Splatoon 3, Super Mario Odyssey 2 and Metroid Resurgence – all planned for 2021.

Rockstar Games
Could GTA 5 really be coming to Switch?

BOTW 2’s name possibly revealed

Next, third-party titles Kingdom Hearts: Destiny’s Embrace, Bayonetta 3, and a “premium edition” of Grand Theft Auto V all stand out as non-pro games.

That said, some games claim to only be releasing on the Switch Pro model, such as Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Devil May Cry 5, and Black Ops Cold War.

Most notably, on the very bottom of the leak, “The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of the Past” is listed with an April 23 release, the same as the alleged Switch Pro. This is most likely supposed to be the follow-up to Breath of the Wild, as a sequel has been in development.

The leak claims we’ll get a new Metroid game in 2021.

Is the leak real?

While all of this may seem like a Nintendo fan’s dream come true, this needs to all be taken with a grain of salt.

For one thing, “first party software” is spelled incorrectly as “softwar.” Another glaring spelling error is “Plant’s vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville.”

Finally, it seems highly unlikely that a new Metroid game could really be releasing in 2021, as development on Metroid Prime 4 shifted from Bandai Namco to Retro Studios and had been restarted since the project’s announcement in 2017.

In any case, only time will tell if the leak ends up being true and Nintendo does in fact have some big Direct plans later in January.

League of Legends

TFT patch 11.2 notes: Festival of Beasts mid-set update

Published: 20/Jan/2021 4:43 Updated: 20/Jan/2021 4:54

by Isaac McIntyre


Teamfight Tactics has been bracing for Set 4.5, called “Festival of Beasts,” since the beginning of the year, and now it’s finally here in TFT patch 11.2. Here’s all the details on the Jan. 21 update, including early patch notes, and more.

It’s all in on TFT for Riot as the first real patch of 2021 rolls around; the “Festival of Beasts” update is set to throw the auto-battler’s status quo on its head.

The January 21 update features 20 new champions, a handful of flashy new traits, and reworks for Sharpshooter, Vanguard, Brawler, and plenty more. Basically, you’re going to need your reading glasses for this one; TFT patch 11.2 is a big one!

Here’s everything we know, starting with patch times.

When is TFT patch 11.2 coming?

The first Teamfight Tactics patch of the new year is expected to roll out on Thursday, January 21. It will begin in Oceania at 10am AEST (4pm Tuesday PT), and will be rolled out in all regions at 8am from there.

Players can expect a few hours of downtime. Matchmaking and access to the LoL servers will be disabled around three hours before the patch is deployed. This will be around 6am PT on Jan. 21 for NA players, and 6am GMT for EU players.

TFT Fates Mid-Set Update
Riot Games
The TFT Fates Mid-Set update, “Festival of Beasts,” is about to turn the meta upside down.

TFT patch 11.2 early notes

Festival of Beasts adds 20 new champs

The biggest change set to arrive in patch 11.2 is, of course, the mid-set “swap over” for almost two dozen of the auto-battler’s popular Fates units. The Jan. 21 update, which has a distinct Chinese New Year theme, is adding 20 new-look champs to play with this “Fates” set.

Here’s a list of the new patch 11.2 champs:

  • Brand
  • Tristana
  • Sivir
  • Vladimir
  • Samira
  • Nasus
  • Kayle
  • Braum
  • Shyvana
  • Aurelion Sol
  • Olaf
  • Swain
  • Rakan
  • Xayah
  • Ornn
  • Darius
  • Nautilus
  • Neeko
  • Tryndamere
  • Cho’Gath

There will also be seven brand-new Traits added in the update. These include Blacksmith, Dragonsoul, Daredevil, Executioner, Fabled, Slayer, and Syphoner.

Dazzler, Dusk, Hunter, Moonlight, Shade, and Tormented were removed.

Juggernauts like Darius have been enjoying the power of Goredrinker in Season 11 preseason.
Riot Games
Darius is one of 20 new units being added to TFT this patch.

Vanguard, Brawler, Sharpshooter reworked

Festival of Beasts isn’t just about bringing in new content. Some of the game’s pre-existing traits are getting reworked as well. Vanguard, Brawler, and Sharpshooter are the big three getting changes in the new set.

Vanguard will now give its users Magic Resist in the trait, making it a bit more diverse. Brawlers will also have access to attack damage, which is very handy if you decide to play the newly-released Shyvana.

Sharpshooters also spread their damage more with 2/3/4 ricochets at 2/4/6 instead of 1/2/3. While they do less damage, it means more Teemo blinds, and more mana-generating bounces, so you can get more effects off during each TFT battle.

League of Legends
Riot Games
Shyvana is one of the new TFT units that benefits from the patch 11.2 trait reworks.

On the balance side of things, Enlightened is set to be buffed (gives more) mana, while Cultist is getting a boost to “entice players” into playing nine cultists. Mage, Assassin, Spirit, Duelist, Elderwood, Keeper, and Mystic have all been changed too.

Four items, including Hextech Gunblade, have also been handed changes.

When Riot officially unveils the first “Festival of Beasts” update on Thursday, Jan. 21, we’ll be sure to load up all the info in the TFT patch notes below.

TFT patch 11.2: full “Festival of Beasts” notes

New Champions

  • Aurelion Sol (4 cost Dragonsoul Mage)
  • Brand (1 cost Dragonsoul Mage)
  • Braum (2 cost Dragonsoul Vanguard)
  • Cho’Gath (4 cost Fabled Brawler)
  • Darius (3 cost Fortune Fabled)
  • Kayle (4 cost Divine Executioner)
  • Nasus (1 cost Divine Siphoner)
  • Nautilus (2 cost Fabled Vanguard)
  • Neeko (3 cost Fabled Mystic)
  • Olaf (4 cost Dragonsoul Slayer)
  • Ornn (5 cost Elderwood Vanguard Blacksmith)
  • Rakan (2 cost Elderwood Keeper)
  • Samira (5 cost Daredevil Sharpshooter Slayer)
  • Shyvana (3 cost Dragonsoul Brawler)
  • Sivir (3 cost Cultist Sharpshooter)
  • Swain (5 cost Dragonsoul Siphoner)
  • Tristana (1 cost Dragonsoul Sharpshooter)
  • Tryndamere (4 cost Warlord Duelist Slayer)
  • Vlad (2 cost Cultist Siphoner)
  • Xayah (4 cost Elderwood Keeper Executioner)

New Traits

  • Blacksmith: After participating in combat, Blacksmiths will begin forging an Artifact item. The higher their star-level, the faster they work. Once the Artifact is complete, it will be able to bestow upon an ally.
    • Champions: Ornn
  • Daredevil: Every other basic attack, Daredevils will acquire a new target. If that target is out of her range, she will dash towards them. With each attack on a new target, her Combo Rating will increase.
    • Champions: Samira
  • Dragonsoul: On death, this blessing passes to the closest Dragonsoul ally. Active at 3/6/9 units.
    • Champions: Tristana, Brand, Braum, Shyvana, Olaf, Aurelion Sol, Swain
  • Executioner: Executioners’ basic attacks and spells always critically strike targets below a certain amount of health. Active at 2/3/4 units.
    • Champions: Kindred, Kayle, Xayah
  • Fabled: Fabled champions’ spells gain an additional effect. Active at three units.
    • Champions: Neeko, Cho’Gath, unknown
  • Slayer: Slayers gain Lifesteal that increases at lower Health, and deal bonus damage that increases based off their target’s missing Health. Active at 3/6 units.
    • Champions: Zed, Olaf, Samira, Tryndamere, Darius
  • Syphoner: All allies heal for some of the damage they deal with spells and attacks. Active at 2/4 units.
    • Champions: Nasus, Vladimir, Morgana, Swain

Balance Changes


1 cost


  • Is now a Spirit Assassin.
  • HP: 500 >>> 550.
  • Spell Shield: 200/300/400 >>> 200/300/450.
  • Spell Orbs: 4/5/6 >>> 4/5/7.
  • Orb Damage: 70/80/90 >>> 80/90/100.


  • Stun Duration: 1.5/2/3 seconds >>> 2.5/3/4 seconds.

2 cost


  • Spell Damage: 300/400/900 >>> 250/400/900


  • Is now a Cultist Assassin Slayer
  • Mana: 75/125 >>> 60/120
  • Spell Damage: 125/200/375 >>> 100/175/275


  • Is now a Ninja Slayer.
  • AS: 0.75 >>> 0.8.

3 cost


  • Attack speed: 0.9 >>> 1.


  • Is now a Spirit Executioner,


  • Mana: 70/150 >>> 80/160.


  • Attack Speed: 0.6 >>> 0.65.

4 cost


  • Spell Damage: 250/450/1250 >>> 350/550/1500.


  • Is now an Enlightened Syphoner.
  • Spell no longer heals Morgana for a portion of the damage dealt. Now instead reduces enemy AD by a percentage.

5 cost


  • Knock Up Duration: 2 >>> 1.5 sec.
  • Slow Duration: 4 >>> 3.

Lee Sin

  • Spell Damage: 250/450/1000 >>> 200/375/1000.


  • Armor and MR Reduction: 60% >>> 40%.



  • Critical Strike Damage: 30/60/90 >>> 25/60/120.
  • Critical Change Bonus: 10/25/40 >>> 10/30/60.


  • HP: 400/800/1200/1800 >>> 400/700/1100/1600.
  • Now additionally grants 10/20/60/120 bonus AD to the Brawlers.


  • Galio:
    • Health: 800/1400/2000 >>> 800/1300/2000.
    • AD: 75/160/280 >>> 80/165/330.
    • Star Multiplier: 14% >>> 16%.
  • Supreme Overlord Galio (Cultist 9) now gains 20 Armor and Magic Resistance.


  • Attack Speed per Stack: 12/20/35/60% >>> 15/20/40/60%


  • Armor & MR Per Stack: 20/30/40 >>> 15/25/40


  • Mana Bonus: 50/70/100% >>> 50/100/150%


  • Shield: 150/225/350 >>> 150/200/275


  • Reworked from 3/6/9 breakpoints to 3/5/7
  • (3): 80% of spellpower
  • (5): 100% of spellpower
  • (7): 150% of spellpower


  • MR Bonus: 40/100/200 >>> 40/120/300


  • Number of Bounces: 1/2/3 >>> 2/3/4
  • Damage Reduction per Bounce: 55/50/45% >>> 65/50/35%


  • Rework: Spirit will now grant flat attack speed the first time a Spirit unit casts
  • Spirit (2): 20% Attack Speed
  • Spirit (4): 35% Attack Speed
  • Chosen Spirit champions grant double the attack speed


  • Armor: 120/300/750/2000 >>> 100/250/500/1000
  • Now additionally grants 20/40/70/100 Magic Resist to the Vanguards


  • Health: 200/450/700 >>> 250/550/850
  • Spell Power: 20/40/70 >>> 25/55/85


  • Giantslayer Max Damage: 90% >>> 80%
  • Hextech Gunblade Max Shield: 400 >>> 300
  • Hurricane Bonus Damage: 90% >>> 80%
  • Statikk Shiv Bounces: 3/4/5 >>> 4/5/6