Ludwig jokes about Valkyrae “scamming” fans after RFLCT drama

Ludwig jokes on Valkyrae RFLCT skincare

The Valkyrae-partnered RFLCT skincare drama continues with Twitch star Ludwig Ahgren making jokes about the situation, suggesting that he and Rae have a lot in common. 

The internet has been stuffed to the brim with reactions to the launch of Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter’s RLFCT skincare line, and Ludwig is only the latest creator to speak on the situation.

While Rae has now spoken on the subject and explained that she no longer wants to be involved, that hasn’t stopped the rest of the internet from sharing their thoughts about her involvement in the brand and questioning the legitimacy of the RFLCT product.

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Never one to be shy on matters like these, Ludwig joked about RFLCT’s reception and Rae’s intentions with the product.

Ludwig roasts Valkyrae amid RFLCT controversy

During an October 25 stream, Ludwig said that he is the Twitch equivalent to Valkyrae, who streams exclusively on YouTube these days, and jokingly suggested they have a similar background.

“I’m the Valkyrae of Twitch,” he said. “I appeal to a general Zoomer base, I played a bunch of Among Us, and I’m known for scamming.”

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This isn’t the first time that he has offered up his thoughts on the situation, as he had previously commented after the initial backlash to the product.

When speaking on the negative social media reaction and claims of RFLCT being based on “pseudoscience,” Ludwig explained that he thinks there’s more to the situation than a simple scam: “She just pulled 50,000 units sold of merchandise, probably cleared seven figures easy.”

He also addressed the members of the public who have accused Valkyrae of knowingly aligning herself with a sketchy product. “Were they just assuming that this was some kind of nefarious she had made, hoped no one would notice, make a quick buck that she was dying for, at the risk of reputation? She’d have to be dumb as bricks.”

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Ludwig has previously worked with Valkyrae both on the launch of her merchandise and on the music video for Bella Poarch’s Inferno music video.

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