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Watch Dogs: LegionUbisoft

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs Legion released on October 29, 2020. Now, we have more information on the multiplayer and when it’ll drop.

Watch Dogs Legion was first revealed at E3 2019, and was scheduled for an early release this year. However, in October 2019, the publisher delayed the game indefinitely with reports suggesting it was due to next-gen consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

On July 12, Ubisoft held its digital ‘Forward’ conference to give players a glimpse into the future of their games. During the event, the studio revealed that the open-world hacker title would be coming to consoles and PC in the Fall.

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Watch Dogs Legion release date

Watch Dogs Legion hit stores on October 29, 2020, just a month before the studio’s second AAA title Assassin’s Creed Valhalla makes its debut in November. This is the third release in the franchise, which first launched in 2014.

During the event, Ubisoft showed off a seven-minute gameplay video showcasing new features and mechanics. It had been previously announced that players could control any citizen in the city, and the presentation demonstrated how each person you choose has unique abilities and equipment tied to their job.

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In an example given in the demonstration, a construction worker is equipped with a nail gun. And due to his occupation, he can call in a construction drone which he can hop on and ride over walls. And of course, what is a handyman without their trusty wrench to bash foes over the head with?

In Watch Dog Legions, each citizen has unique abilities tied to their real-world job.

Legion reimagines a modern-day London which has been taken over by a military outfit after a horrific terrorist attack. In the game, fans will again join the infamous DedSec hacker group – only this time, the whole city is playable.

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Unlike previous entries, the latest Watch Dog allows you to recruit anyone you want. Players can literally jump from citizen to citizen, and take on missions in a completely unique way each and every time.

Watch Dogs multiplayer release date

It was recently revealed that as part of a free content update for Watch Dogs Legion – a cooperative multiplayer mode will be dropping, for free, on December 3. This is alongside the PvP mode, SpiderBot Arena – a deathmatch for up to 8 players to use their and future content drops down the line. This mode allows players to explore Ubisoft’s reimagining of London together, featuring all-new missions to take part in.

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4 characters in London in Watch Dogs LegionUbisoft
Team up with 3 other players in a fantastic co-op version of London.

Multiplayer mode detailed

Ubisoft’s Post-launch trailer for Watch Dogs Legion detailed some fantastic free additions that fans can enjoy from December 3, 2020:

  • All new co-op missions, requiring players to work together as a team and utilize the options available to complete the objective.
  • Dynamic events – bringing new and interesting gameplay to Ubisoft’s London.
  • Tactical Ops: 4 player missions that as created specifically for team play that requires fantastic communication and teamwork.
  • SpiderBot Arena: A free-for-all, up to 8 player deathmatch that sees players competing in a robot-war themed arena. More PvP modes are going to be added in future content drops.
  • Invasion is returning- a popular mode from previous iterations. This mode sees players hacking into other player’s games, being tasked with either hacking — or preventing — the opposing side.
Image of the Watch Dogs character, Wrench, posing alongside his name graffitied on a black backgroundUbisoft/YouTube
The Season Pass sees fan-favorite, Wrench, from Watch Dogs 2 return as a playable character.

Season Pass and free DLC content

Alongside the fantastic multiplayer mode, Season Pass and free DLC content have been revealed, too:

  • Brand new characters with new abilities – perfect for replayability in attempting a favorite mission
  • Missions to utilize your favorite characters and builds with
  • New Game Plus – not much was spoken about in regards to what will carry over specifically. The most likely features could be carrying your unlocked content over into a fresh playthrough to wreak havoc on your enemies

Watch Dogs: Legion Bloodline — a Season Pass DLC — sees players take control of the original protagonist of the series, Aiden Pearce. continuing his original story. This isn’t the only surprise, however: Wrench, a fan-favorite character from Watch Dogs 2 will join alongside Aiden as a fully playable character. Season Pass owners will also unlock two additional characters, Mina and Darcy.

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Aiden Pearce in Watch Dogs Legion

Transhumanist experiments have been performed on Mina; granting her unique abilities such as mind reading. Darcy joins the roster as a way to tie in Watch Dogs and the Assassin’s Creed franchise. She is a member of the modern-day Brotherhood, however, nothing about her abilities have been revealed. Her addition is an interesting one that will prove exciting to fans of both franchises.

Despite Legion’s delay at the beginning of the year, it appears the game is proving popular. Players get to experience the hacker release on their Xbox Series X and PS5; releasing on November 10th and 12th respectively.

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