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Leaker claims Silent Hill reboot will be announced for PS5 soon

Published: 10/Jul/2020 23:32 Updated: 10/Jul/2020 23:33

by Brent Koepp


A leaker claims that Silent Hill is coming to PlayStation 5. The source kicked the rumor mill into overdrive when they said the announcement could be coming sooner than you think. 

In April, whispers of a Silent Hill reboot and revival began to pop up everywhere. The projects were supposedly being worked on by Sony and helmed by Team Silent. While many thought the titles were fake, a new leak has revived those rumors.

On July 6, a leaker claimed that the beloved Konami series is in fact in the works for PlayStation 5. Even more interesting is that the source suggests the release will be announced sometime in 2020.

Rumors suggest Silent Hill will make its return as a PS5 exclusive.

Silent Hill announced for PS5 this year?

Ever since Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro’s Silent Hills was canceled back in 2015, players have been desperate for another release in the franchise. The duo’s mind dropping P.T. demo gave us a glimpse into what a next-gen horror game could look like.

Luckily for fans, it appears a new title is being worked. On July 6, leaker AestheticGamer ‘Dusk Golem’ responded to a follower and claimed that there is a new game in the works. “100% Silent Hill is coming back, that I can say with certainty (and have been since the start of the year). A Japanese-developed Silent Hills game started dev at the beginning of 2019,” the tweet said.

When another user called the rumor “rubbish,” Dusk responded stating that he was not tied to the rumors back in April. “You’re free to believe that. I’m not part of those previous rumors, and I can say 100% I know a Japanese-made Silent Hill is in the works now, and I have reason to believe the rest for now,” he said.

AestheticGamer replied to more posts on Twitter, and stated that if the rumors of Sony’s Japan Studio being involved are true, we can expect the announcement to happen in 2020. “The reveal will be this year, but the exact time is unclear. The two most likely times will be in August/September.”

Previously, Dusk Golem has stated that the project is reportedly a PlayStation 5 exclusive and is being made by Studio Japan. The game will also supposedly have Silent Hill’s writer Keiichiro Toyama as the director, and will be scored by series composer Akira Yaomoka.

Lastly, the source has shot down rumors that Sony has bought the IP and clarified that this is more of a soft reboot. If all of this is true, it sounds like Konami is hitting all the right notes with hardcore fans of the franchise.

While it should be stated to take any rumor with a grain of salt, the leaker is a prominent figure in the horror game scene, and has been accurate with leaks in the past. And given that talks about a Sony Silent Hill game won’t go away, it doesn’t seem that far-fetched.

The last SH game to be released in the main series was Downpour in 2012, leaving fans close to over eight years without a proper title. While it’s not the Konami Silent Hills project that many wanted, the horror series would be a welcome return.


Zarude is finally in Pokemon Sword & Shield and players are “terrified”

Published: 2/Dec/2020 23:11

by Brent Koepp


Pokemon Sword & Shield players finally getting their hands on Zarude have found the Mythical monster to be “terrifying.” The Dark/Grass-type’s animations in the Wild Area are nightmare fuel.

To celebrate the upcoming Pokemon movie The Secrets of the Jungle, new Mythical ‘mon Zarude was introduced to Sword & Shield. The Dark/Grass-type Legendary plays a major role in the feature length film.

While the character technically made its debut in the RPG months back, many players around the world are only now getting the monster in November. However, some have found one aspect of the character to be unsettling, to say the least.

Some Pokemon Trainers are freaked out by Zarude

Zarude was first revealed back in February, before officially releasing in Sword & Shield in August. Japanese fans who pre-ordered tickets for the film were given a code to redeem the Mythical creature in the Switch title.

However, now that the character has made its debut in Europe, fans have been discovering that the character’s model is kind of creepy. One player uploaded a clip to Reddit, and exclaimed, “So i got the Zarude code from my local GAME and for the love of Arceus i wouldn’t wanna see it running at my at night.”

The video shows the gigantic Simian lunging towards the player as they run around the snowy region of The Crown Tundra. Its wiry arms snapping towards the ground only add to how unsettling the animation is.

So i got the Zarude code from my local GAME and for the love of Arceus i wouldn’t wanna see it running at my at night xD from PokemonSwordAndShield

While fans found the character’s design a bit scary back in February, seeing the monkey hurdling towards you is a sight to behold. One Trainer, reacting to the post, wrote, “Oh my goodness that is terrifying!”

Pokemon players react to Zarude video posted on reddit.

Sword & Shield players shared a similar sentiment on Twitter, such as one person who uploaded a screenshot from their game, and said, “Zarude’s run animation is terrifying.”

Pokemon Sword & Shield player uploads screenshot of Zarude running.

Whether you find the ‘mon creepy or not, Zarude is heavily featured in the upcoming Pokemon movie Secrets of The Jungle. At the time of writing, the movie does not have a release date for North America – though watch this space.

Despite only releasing at the end of 2019, Sword & Shield has already become the third highest grossing title in the entire franchise. Proof that the series has never been more popular.