New Tales from the Borderlands revealed with new characters and bloodier visuals

Jessica Filby
New Tales from the Borderlands

2K and Gearbox Software have announced a brand new Borderlands game called New Tales from the Borderlands and it looks wild.

The recent addition to the Borderlands franchise comes in the form of the just announced New Tales from the Borderlands. The trailer is available now, and it looks like the next entry will be aiming for the crazy and hilarious style of gameplay the previous games were known for.

The single-player narrative adventure will bring the same chaotic gameplay, but will also introduce some twists and turns and bloodier visuals. All that will be combined with some tough choices, new weapons, characters, and dastardly villains.

It tells the tale of a corporate invasion on Promethea, where the successful weapons company, Tediore are rapidly moving to get access to a rumored Vault. Your job is to stop them and find the Vault for yourselves, changing the world, and the main characters’ lives.

You get to play as the ‘streetwise’ Octavio, the selfless Anu, and the lovable Fran as they make their way up from losers to heroes, capitalizing on the new Vault location. It quickly becomes a race against time and Tediore to finally make a name for yourself on the dystopian megapolitan city-planet of Promethea.

Essentially, as it typically goes with Borderlands, the corporations are taking over Promethea and it’s up to you to face them down, along with the many bandits, monsters, and other recognizable villains you’ll meet along the way.

“As well as introducing new locations and characters, there will be some friendly faces you just might recognize. All that is piled into a tough choice-based experience filled with absurd weaponry, and a storyline that will hope to enthrall any Borderlands fan, and those new to the series.

New Tales from the Borderland is scheduled to release on October 21, 2022. The game will be available to experience on PC, PS4 & 5, and the Xbox One and Series X|S. It will also have a Standard Edition and a Deluxe Edition available for preorder now.