New Destiny 2 lore may prove major enemy’s innocence

Shane Black
Destiny 2 Vex army

The Vex is one of the major enemy factions that Destiny players have faced since the beginning of the original game, but a new batch of lore has the community rethinking this conflict.

The Final Shape has reached its conclusion and a new era has started in Destiny 2. Players are investigating something on the planet of Nessus, and the new content has updated lore that is providing players with context about some unraveling mysteries.

A new story included in the expansion concerns a friendly Vex has the Destiny 2 community rethinking their feelings for the antagonists while wondering what could be in store for the future of the game.

This revelation about these robotic enemies is being discussed on the game’s subreddit, where a player shared the story and claimed that the “Vex are innocent.”

The story detailed an NPC encountering a Vex Hobgoblin, only to see it wave at them excitedly before another Guardian came along and took it out.

The initial reaction to the post was one of sadness for this friendly Vex being killed. As one user said, “I never thought I’d feel bad for a hobgoblin but here we are.”

However, another fact has caught the attention of Destiny 2 enthusiasts – until now, the Vex have always operated as a hive mind acting as one with the sole purpose of wiping out Guardians and other enemies.

To have a Vex behave like this, independently, is a huge shift from the norm.

As one user put it, “Honestly that’s very creepy; the Vex aren’t meant to be that emotional or individualistic that’s just not how they process the world. Whatever is controlling the Vex on Nessus is actually hard-wiring them to do something incredibly unnatural for the Vex.”

The new seasonal activity available in Destiny 2 is centered around something going on with the Vex, though we don’t have any major information about what it is yet.

Between the upcoming content and this story about a Vex unit behaving differently, the Destiny 2 community is wondering what’s in store for the game’s future.

One fan hypothesized that an alliance is coming, saying “I’m betting on a friendly Vex contingent before Frontiers comes around, they’re the only major faction we haven’t allied with in some way now.”

“Frontiers” is a reference to a tease from Bungie for something set to release in 2025.

Many have theorized it could be a Destiny 3 or just the new saga’s official announcement, but it seems like the Vex could be playing a large role in it.

More information is sure to be given as the game’s current episode, called Echoes, continues for the next few weeks.

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