New South Park game counts among THQ Nordic’s many upcoming projects

Brianna Reeves
south park new game from THQ Nordic coming

During its 2022 games showcase, THQ Nordic teased that a new South Park game counts among its many upcoming titles.

Since the animated series debuted over two decades ago, many developers have brought the unique world to life in nearly a dozen interactive adventures.

However, only two of those titles have garnered any real acclaim – South Park: The Stick of Truth and its sequel, The Fractured but Whole.

The THQ of old originally served as The Stick of Truth publisher, but the company’s bankruptcy culminated in Ubisoft stepping up to the plate.

THQ in its newest form, THQ Nordic, has plans to revisit the South Park universe in some capacity.

THQ Nordic teases a new South Park game

Today, the publisher hosted a games showcase in which the likes of AEW: Fight Forever and a new SpongeBob adventure sat center stage.

After the main meat of the stream concluded, a black card laden with white text filled the screen. According to the note, THQ Nordic has 43 games in development, 26 of which remain unannounced.

That much quickly changed, however. A teaser from South Park Digital Studios took over the stream, merely showcasing the company’s logo. Voiceover saying, “oh, it’s coming,” then spilled from the speakers.

When the black screen and white writing returned, a revised message informed viewers that now THQ Nordic has 25 unannounced games in production.

The brief segment in question lasts from the 55:12 timestamp to 55:28 in the video below:

At present, there’s no word on which development team THQ Nordic tapped for its new South Park game.

It’s worth noting, however, that there does exist a South Park project in the works at Question Games. THQ Nordic may have recently struck a deal to publish and distribute the Question-developed release.

Or, South Park fans could have two different interactive adventures to look forward to in the years ahead. Neither possibility seems too farfetched.