New Blizzard game ‘Iris’ potentially leaked: everything we know

Bill Cooney
Blizzard characters

A name, or a placeholder for a name, of what could be a brand-new Blizzard IP or game has appeared in a major NVIDIA GeForce NOW leak.

Over the last few days people have been pouring through thousands of lines of announced and unannounced titles after a GeForce NOW user managed to “unlock” basically every game on the platform, including those that haven’t been announced yet

Blizzard titles like Overwatch, Overwatch 2, Heroes of the storm, and Diablo are all listed, but in between the OW entries is a name we haven’t seen before: Iris.

Nvidia iris Blizzard leakWhat is Iris? That’s what everyone seems to be wondering.

There’s no way to tell whether Iris is actually a Blizzard or Activision-led project. Seeing as how it’s located exclusively between Blizzard titles though, that’s not a bad bet.

You can look up the listing here if you’re interested in seeing it for yourself. But, this leak isn’t the only indication Blizzard might have something new coming down the pipes.

Taking a look at what positions Blizzard is hiring for over on the company’s “careers” page, we can see that an “unannounced project” has more job offerings than Overwatch, and even World of Warcraft.

Overwatch 2 Baptiste runs in New York
Plenty of Blizzard fans are joking that “Iris” means Overwatch 2 is finally in development.

Several of the job listings for Unannounced Projects include experience working on FPS games, specifically. While this does all potentially point to something in the works, it’s impossible to say exactly what at this point.

Jokes have been flying that “Iris” could mean Overwatch 2 is finally in full development, but the idea of it being Overwatch-related might not be too far off. Let’s not forget one of Zenyatta’s voice lines says “Gaze into the Iris.” We know, we know, this is quite the stretch, but we literally only have one word to work with here.

Whatever Iris actually is remains to be seen. Until we get confirmation from Blizzard, guesses and leaks are what we’ll have to go on. Who knows though? We could very well be in for a big surprise come BlizzCon 2022.

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