Blizzard job listings reveal new PvE game in development with “multi-season story arcs”

Michael Gwilliam
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Fresh off its acquisition by Microsoft, Blizzard Entertainment is currently hiring for development on its next title, and job listings give us an idea of what kind of game is in the works.

Blizzard is gearing up for the development of a new game, and it could very well be the PvE experience many players were hoping Overwatch 2’s campaign would be.

On May 8 and 9, numerous new Blizzard job listings popped up for an unannounced game, and it’s looking like it will be a story-focused multiplayer title where players complete missions.

One of the job listings for a “Creative Director” features quite a few hints about the game Blizzard has cooking.

lucio in rio ow2 pve
Blizzard appears to be giving PvE another go after Overwatch 2’s failed campaign.

“Fully own the process of developing our game’s IP, working with Art and Game Design leadership to develop the settings, characters, themes, and multi-season story arcs within that world,” the posting says under the position’s responsibilities.

Another listing provides additional insight, asking that the candidate “shepherd a shared vision around our key aspirational character and teamplay core fantasies.”

That’s not all; it also appears that this game will feature a mission structure with large-scale boss encounters.

Under a listing for a combat designer, Blizzard says, “Under your care, monsters will be interesting, memorable, and challenging, from the initial threats all the way to legendary boss encounters players will talk about for decades.”

Interestingly, some of the listings even suggest that this unannounced game could be for an existing IP. Blizzard has quite a few properties this could be for. For instance, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has expressed a desire to revive StarCraft and do a lot more with the company’s famous space opera.

starcraft 2 on xbox
Could StarCraft be making a return?

One mission designer listing includes “combining memorable stories with compelling gameplay,” while another for an Art Director has “build a robust understanding of our game world, characters, and lore” under its responsibilities.

If this isn’t a new IP, it’s possible this game is a new Overwatch title specifically designed for PvE combat. Notably, Overwatch 2 fired its staff responsible for the poorly-received first batch of story missions, and the rest of the campaign was reportedly canceled due to poor sales.

In January, Blizzard also canceled the development of a survival game following massive layoffs at Microsoft. The game, codenamed ‘Odyssey,’ was meant to be the company’s first original IP since Overwatch back in 2016.