Wild NBA 2K23 glitch sees cameraman attack basketball players

nba 2k23 cameraman glitch2K Games

An NBA 2K23 player recently shared gameplay footage that shows a cameraman running into, or assaulting, their player.

NBA 2K23 launched several weeks ago, yet not all fans of the long-running series have enjoyed their experience, thus far.

Low VC payouts for challenges and other activities have especially received the ire of players since launch. And it doesn’t help that leveling up MyPlayer characters feels more costly than in previous entries.

But players have found humor in some of the other issues that plague NBA 2K23. For example, one weird glitch sees a player trapped in the hoop, spinning around like a top.

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This NBA 2K23 cameraman does not understand boundaries

A gameplay video from Reddit user PeppermintAero showcases a cameraman running into a player on the court.

It doesn’t look like a harmless nudge, either. The camera operator bumps into the player so hard that they fall to the floor.

Too bad refs can’t call charges on non-players because this is nothing if not a clear violation of good sportsmanship.

Of course, other Redditors are having a laugh at the clip. “Flops better [than] Harden,” one person wrote in the thread. Another joked that NBA 2K23’s cameraman was simply trying to “get them good angles.”

Whatever was going on, it’s safe to say NBA 2K players may want to start keeping an eye out for rogue camera operators.

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Many players would argue that not all of NBA 2K23’s problems are a laughing matter, though. Some of the lingering issues continue to disrupt the moment-to-moment action.

Notably, complaints about steal spam, pricey microtransactions, and broken challenge rewards rear their head every so often.