Mysterious Rockstar project leaked and fans are losing their minds

Leaked information from Rockstar Games has revealed a project called ‘Bonaire’ and many fans have jumped to their own conclusions – claiming it could well be Red Dead Redemption 2’s first batch of downloadable content or perhaps something bigger. 

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The discovery was made when Australia’s IARC ratings board refused classification for the project, according to a report from Kotaku, possibly because of the inclusion of violence and sexual content. Therefore, even if it releases, it won’t be allowed to be introduced in the country. 

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What is Bonaire?

While Bonaire is still something of a mystery and hasn’t yet been publicly confirmed by Rockstar, its name is the same as a Caribbean island – just like Guarma from the RDR2 story – with some fans suggesting it could be story DLC for that game, but others aren’t so sure. 

Rockstar GamesThe Caribbean island of Guarma appears in Red Dead Redemption 2, but will Bonaire be next?
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The second installment of the Red Dead franchise was released in October 2018, and there’s been zero DLC added to the title ever since, but are fans getting ahead of themselves?

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The Australian Classification Board states that the date of classification was July 19 of this year, which suggests that whatever it is, developers have been working on this for quite some time until it reached the media. 

Australian Classification BoardHere’s where the mysterious Rockstar Games project ‘Bonaire’ was discovered.
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Players have been speculating about what the project could turn out to be in the future and there appear to be two huge games right at the heart of the debate – Red Dead Redemption 2 and potentially even a new Bully game – but no real consensus. 

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“Rockstar aren’t normally this sloppy with games, so an announcement may be due soon,” one user stated on the RDR2 subreddit. “I think ‘Bonaire’ is more likely to be the codename for Bully 2. I could be wrong, though,” a user said. 

Rockstar GamesIs ‘Bonaire’ connected to a new Bully project from Rockstar Games?
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Another posted: “Bonaire could literally be anything, the only thing making it believe it’s [Red Dead] DLC is the fact that the official language for the island of Bonaire is, well, it’s Dutch.”

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Whether this will indeed turn out to be content for Red Dead, Bully 2, or even a brand new GTA project remains to be seen, although one thing is for sure. It’s got people talking.