Mysterious Diablo Immortal ‘bug’ reducing XP for everyone

Philip Trahan
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Diablo Immortal players spawned serious debate after discovering a mysterious ‘bug’ that seems to be reducing XP gains for everyone.

Diablo Immortal has been a massive monetary success for Blizzard, despite some heavy backlash after launch.

Though some abandoned the mobile game shortly after launch, other players have found enjoyment in the game despite its controversial microtransactions.

Now, some players who’ve stuck with Diablo Immortal think they’ve discovered a mysterious bug that may reduce XP gains seemingly at random, which spawned some debate among fans.

Diablo Immortal ‘bug’ reducing XP gains

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This mysterious new Diablo Immortal XP bug seems to reduce XP gains completely at random.

The debate began thanks to a post on the Diablo Immortal subreddit by user staplepies, who claimed to have discovered the bug after making an XP farming guide.

Staplepies prefaced the post by saying that “We don’t fully understand why or when it will happen… We’ve yet to be able to discern any reliable pattern or cause.”

Still, the Diablo fan provided multiple screenshots and explanations as evidence to clearly show that something strange is happening with the game’s XP distribution.

During normal play, these enemies will always drop that specified amount of XP, but when the mysterious XP bug kicks in odd entries in the XP log begin to appear.

These bugged XP values range from giving slightly lower XP values to values as low as one or two XP points.

Other players in the comments sounded off on various theories that could explain the XP discrepancies, but Staplepies was able to debunk quite of few of them based on the evidence provided.

However, user Virules guessed that maybe Blizzard “had implemented measures to kill bot XP” in an effort to stop bot farming, to which Staplepies admits it’s probably the “best new hypothesis” at the moment.

Staplepies calls for other players to “signal boost” the post in the hopes of Blizzard fixing the XP bug eventually, but it remains to be seen if it’s even on the developer’s radar at the moment.