Diablo Immortal players angry at Battle Pass XP bug still costing them after hotfix

Brianna Reeves
diablo immortal battle pass bugActivision Blizzard

Despite Blizzard’s release of a hotfix to tackle the problem, Diablo Immortal players continue to encounter a Battle Pass bug that costs them tons of XP.

Several days ago, Diablo Immortal users reported an issue wherein they failed to receive XP after completing Battle Pass tasks.

Blizzard acknowledged the issue and rolled out a patch shortly thereafter, leaving many to hope the problem would cease.

For some Diablo Immortal players, though, this particular glitch continues to rear its ugly head. They’re not too happy about it, either.

Diablo Immortal Battle Pass bug is still an issue

diablo immortal battle pass bugActivision Blizzard
Glitch is costing players millions of potential XP earnings.

Redditor The-Crawling-Chaos created a thread on July 25 to note that they were still unable to earn XP for Battle Pass tasks.

A host of other Diablo Immortal players chimed in to say they, too, continue to be affected by the XP glitch.

One user, zappaaPOE shared the following: “Can confirm, two Battle Pass levels now without the XP.” Revorne-Rev claimed they’ve reached “[two] rank ups on the battle pass and neither gave XP” rewards.

The same user later returned to express their frustration at constant issues of this nature that too often fail to receive the development team’s acknowledgment.

Meanwhile, merlinsorca said sometimes they gain XP but Diablo Immortal’s Battle Pass has cost them earnings four or five times.

The thread goes on, with a number of users detailing how much XP they’ve lost due to the glitch. It seems some have it worse than others, however.

Redditor Rid1987 asked for an update on an older post from a Diablo community lead. In so doing, the player claimed they’ve lost two million XP this week alone.

At the time of writing, Blizzard Entertainment has yet to share plans for a potential fix.