Musician John Famiglietti gets “FromSoftware” tattooed across his chest to honor Armored Core 6

Josh Taylor
Armored Core 6 Tattoo Health

Armored Core 6 was released with rave reviews, and John Famiglietti, the bass guitarist from the popular band Health, has even gone as far as getting “FromSofware” tattooed on his chest.

Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon became one of the biggest Steam game launches of 2023, with fans praising the game with “Very Positive” reviews after the community had waited over 10 years for a new franchise release.

The developers FromSoftware have been going from strength to strength, as they have continued to build off the success of their 2022 blockbuster release of Elden Ring, which received high critical acclaim.

Despite Armored Core being a more niche series, the mecha-based combat game became the second-biggest launch for FromSoftware.

The game’s release has led to new and returning players adoring the game and its creators. One fan, musician John Famiglietti, even went as far as getting a tattoo of the game developer’s logo to show his admiration.

Armored Core 6 fan John Famiglietti gets “FromSoftware” tattooed on him

John Famiglietti is one of the three members of the band Health, where he plays the bass, pedals, and electronic instruments for the group. 

Although a tattoo of a game developer might seem off the wall, the band has a close connection with the gaming community. They have created various original soundtracks over the years for video games, most notably for Max Payne 3, Grand Theft Auto V, and Cyberpunk 2077.

The tattoo was revealed via Health’s Twitter/X account, posting a photo without a caption showing a tattoo that says “FromSoftware” across his chest.

It soon went viral as the post gained over 16K likes as users flooded in showing their appreciation.

“legitimately losing my mind over this,” a user said.

“WOW this is so cool,” another fan said.

Others are unsure if the tattoo is permanent, as the bass guitarist has not yet publicly confirmed or denied this.

Armored Core 6 players have been showing their love for the game by using the game’s customization features to create their own mech designs, designing anything from Minecraft to Pepsi related mechs.