MTG collector Dan Bock issues $100K bounty on LOTR One Ring card

gollum reaching for the ring on a magic card

The upcoming Lord of the Rings set for Magic: The Gathering includes a single serialized The One Ring card. It seems one fan has been drawn to its darkness.

Magic: The Gathering is gearing up to release its first major crossover set since introducing “Universes Beyond”. The Lord of the Rings: Tales from Middle-Earth is based on Tolkien’s trilogy of books, bringing the cozy world of The Shire and the gloomy Mount Doom to the card game.

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In a surprise twist, Magic will be including “chase” cards within Collector’s boosters. These packs will contain the chance at either a Lord of the Rings-themed version of Commander staple, Sol Ring, or the coveted The One Ring.

MTG collector offers $100,000 for LOTR The One Ring card

Wizards will only be printing exactly one of this serialized version of The One Ring card, and one collector has already offered $100,000 for it.

In a Facebook group dedicated to high-end sales and trades of Magic: The Gathering cards, Dan Bock, a well-known collector within the community, issued the bounty.

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Dan Bock

In the post – which he reposted publicly – he stated “I’m putting out a standing offer of $100,000 for the serialized 001/001 card, or beating the highest reputable public offer.

The one additional condition is that to me up on this offer, you can’t tell anyone you opened it, or post about it before selling it to me.”

He later clarified that credit can be taken once the sale has been completed.

Dan Bock responds

We spoke to Dan Bock over Facebook to see how he reached his figure.

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“I saw a few other public offers before I made mine. The highest one I saw was one Bitcoin which I thought put it around 60,000, but then I checked the news and realized that it was around 20,000.”

The race to get The One Ring MTG card also caused Bock concern that someone would take advantage of an unsuspecting lucky player:

“This is the kind of item that I was afraid would end up being sold too low in the beginning.”

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He claims that by introducing a price of $100,000, he would “get people talking” and “force other people to have at least some benchmark.”

However, the offer for The One Ring card has been met with scorn on the MTG Finance subreddit. Some fans are saying that the card will be worth far more than $100,000 and that Bock is “trying to underpay by at least a factor of 10.”

Another said that they’d pay “200K” because they’re confident “it will sell for much more.”

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Bock also says that he has yet to see a “higher offer” before increasing the $100,000 figure. While he has been traveling, he still has yet to see anything concrete from the community.

Meanwhile, one fan on Twitter is trying to grab the attention of rapper Post Malone. Malone is a major fan and was featured on Secret Lair editions of cards a few months ago.

Magic high end card sales

Magic isn’t new to the world of high-end sales, with Black Lotus auctions usually going for significantly higher. The last one sold for over $500, 000, and a signed version is currently up for auction at $280,000.

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We asked if this was the highest offer he’d brought the to table. Of course, he had made offers on misprinted Black Lotus cards.

Bock said there were some “misprint Lotuses over the years that I’ve made offers on that was higher”.

Magic: The Gathering misprints go for a large chunk of cash, especially for rare cards. This can include things like incorrect cuts, crimping from the package, or mangled errors on the factory-printed card.

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Where to get The One Ring card in MTG

the one ring magic card

Magic: The Gathering’s Lord of the Rings set is coming out June 23. It is available for pre-order from Amazon and TCGPlayer. The One Ring will be available in Collectors’ boosters only. With this news, prices on the packs have skyrocketed, with TCGPlayer and Amazon affected by the scalping.

Collectors Boosters at AmazonCurrently $31.34
Collectors Boosters at TCGPlayerCurrently $45.95
AmazonSealed product only
TCGPlayerSingles and sealed product

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