MTG players convinced Wizards is trolling them with new version of heavily reprinted card

Patrick Dane
Art of Zetalpa, Primal Dawn in MTG

MTG players are both annoyed and amused that a heavily reprinted card is seeing another in Commander Masters, and are even convinced that Wizards of the Coasts is trolling them.

MTG Commander Masters reprints are the core part of the new set coming from Wizards of the Coast. The release will see many powerful staple cards from the Commander format see reprints. This should make cards that are often really expensive on the singles market more attainable to average players, at least in theory (we will see in practice.)

Thus far we’ve seen some very enticing and valuable reprints, in the form of cards like Jeweled Lotus, The Ur-Dragon, and Cyclonic Rift. There are a lot players are going to be chasing, and while they will be paying a premium for the packs, there’s potential for big pulls. 

However, every set needs its chaff, and some MTG players are convinced that Wizards of the Coast is trolling them when it comes to one reprint in particular. 

MTG players think Wizards is joking with a Dinosaur reprint

Zetalpa, Primal Dawn has been revealed as part of Commander Masters, which makes it the sixth time it’s been reprinted. While many cards have been printed multiple times, all six of those times have been since 2018, with it continually popping up in Commander-focused sets. 

Despite being everywhere, Zetalpa can be powerful

Many had been joking about seeing the card again in Commander Masters due to so many recent reprints, but little did they know, Wizards was going to pull the trigger. 

In a Reddit thread, one player got to the heart of the issue saying, “Wouldn’t be Commander Masters without the white Commander card they put in every Commander deck.” Another lamented, “they can’t keep getting away with this.”

One user found the funny side of it, saying, “WotC should do stand-up at this point”.

It’s entirely possible that Wizard of the Coast is in on the joke and is playing into it with the reprint. Still, when the high price of booster packs is under the microscope, it’s understandable if players are a little annoyed at the prospect of pulling yet another Zetalpa. 

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