MTG card skyrockets by 600% in price after Twitch streamer jokes it’ll be “banned”

Jeremy Gan
MTG Reparations card over banned sign

A Magic The Gathering card has skyrocketed by 600% in price after a Twitch streamer, PaymoneyWubby, joked it will be banned

If you’ve been paying attention to the MTG marketplace recently, you may be noticing that Reparation, an Azorius enchantment, has been spiking in price. From a measly $3 to a shocking $35 market value in just a few days. 

You may be wondering just why it’s going so high. It’s seemingly all thanks to PaymoneyWubby who in an offhand joke suggested that the card was going to be banned and that everyone should buy it, which folks soon did. 

MTG Reparations card

In a stream where Wubby talked about banned MTG cards which were banned for being culturally offensive, like Invoke Prejudice and Cleanse, he joked that Reparations was next on the ban list and fans should buy it now. 

This of course stemmed from the political usage of the word “reparations” and the card’s humorous flavor text reading, “Sorry I burned down your village. Here’s some gold.” 

The card in itself isn’t particularly strong either, letting you draw a card every time an opponent casts a spell on you or a creature you control, and it’s on the MTG Reserved List

Despite causing the inflation, Wubby wasn’t very apologetic about it, pointing out that the entire situation was “stupid” and that he wasn’t trying to manipulate the prices to make a profit. 

“There is not enough Reparations in my opinion, in near-mint Reparations, for people to make a god-tier amount of money off of this,” Wubby said

He further said that he only had around two or three near-mint copies of the card, hardly enough to pull a pump-and-dump scheme off of it. 

However, the prices still aren’t falling just yet, with most marketplaces listing the card asking for $25 to $35, which is quite a lot from its original $3. 

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