Most expensive Star Wars Unlimited cards

Brad Norton
Star Wars Unlimited artwork

As with all Trading Card Games (TCGs), some cards are far more valuable than others. Star Wars Unlimited is no different so here’s a look at the most expensive cards thus far in the brand new community.

Star Wars Unlimited may just be establishing itself in the TCG market, yet already with the first set, players are trading cards for hundreds of dollars each.

While a typical Booster Box will run you up to $119.99 USD, at least, that’s the store price when in stock, the tantalizing chance of unpacking one of the more lucrative cards is what keeps everyone coming back for more.

So if you’re getting stuck in with the new game and wondering what the absolute most valuable cards are thus far, we’ve got you covered. Here’s the full rundown of the most expensive Star Wars Unlimited cards.


Understanding card rarity in Star Wars Unlimited

To understand the value of cards in Star Wars Unlimited, you first have to understand the game’s rarity system. In each pack you have a chance to find cards from four tiers, they are as follows in order of rarity:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Legendary (1 found in every 8 Booster Packs on average)

However, there’s far more to card rarity than just this list. Every single card in the game can be found with a Hyperspace variant (where artwork spills out of the border to fill the entire card) or a Foil variant (where backgrounds appear shiny). Better yet, if you’re extremely lucky, you can find versions of cards with both Hyperspace and Foil effects applied.

The odds of finding the above are as follows, thanks to a breakdown on the official Star Wars Unlimited website:

  • Foil card – Guaranteed 1 per Booster Pack
  • Hyperspace card – 2 per 3 Booster Packs on average
  • Hyperspace Rare / Legendary – 1 per 15 Booster Packs on average
  • Foil & Hyperspace Rare / Legendary – 1 per 50 Booster Packs on average

Though topping the list above all else are the Showcase versions of select Leader cards. The odds of finding one of these are incredibly slim. With an average of 1 per 12 Booster Boxes open, not Packs, Boxes, you have a 1 in 4,608 chance (0.0217%) of finding one.

So while Foils, Hyperspaces, and combinations of both are still incredibly rare, it’s Showcase cards proving the most valuable early on in Star Wars Unlimited. 

Most expensive cards in Star Wars Unlimited

As Star Wars Unlimited is still just in the midst of its first Set, and with Booster Packs exceedingly hard to come by with stock selling out across the globe, prices of individual cards are constantly changing.

As more Boosters eventually get out in the wild with gradual restocks, new Sets are deployed, and more copies of each card are discovered, their value can fluctuate in the early market. So while we’re about to list off the most expensive Star Wars Unlimited cards thus far, it’s worth bearing in mind that prices can change on a near-daily basis as the game is incredibly fresh. Rest assured, we’ll be updating this list frequently to reflect changes in the market. 

With all that said, read on to see the most expensive cards in Star Wars Unlimited today, as per the Market Price found on TCGPlayer. All prices in USD.

10. Grand Admiral Thrawn – Patient and Insightful (Showcase): $314

Star Wars Unlimited Grand Admiral Thrawn Showcase card

He’s big, he’s blue, and he’s extremely valuable. In tenth on the list comes Grand Admiral Thrawn’s Showcase card. While his value has plateaued recently, sales have been picking up steam again. Despite the current market price sitting just over $300, Thrawn has been sold for as much as $350 in recent deals.

9. Grand Moff Tarkin – Oversector Governor (Showcase): $322

Star Wars Unlimited Grand Moff Tarkin Showcase card

Tarkin comes in ninth place with his Showcase card running for a pretty penny. This Leader has gained a foothold in the meta of late, leading to a surge in the cost of his Showcase variant. While early sales dropped the market value to around $303, more recent trades have seen the price almost double. Expect this one to keep flying up the charts.

8. Iden Versio – Inferno Squad Commander (Showcase): $345

Star Wars Unlimited Iden Versio Showcase card

Protagonist of the 2017 Star Wars Battlefront 2 singleplayer story, Iden Versio comes in next with her own Showcase card valued at roughly $345 at this point in time.

With early tournaments taking place across April and May, Iden Versio was originally overlooked. But those helping shape the meta in the weeks to come have noted her power in Control decks especially, given her free healing action that can be utilized every turn.

7. Director Krennic – Aspiring to Authority (Showcase): $354

Director Krennic Showcase card in Star Wars Unlimited

Thanks to some big wins at early Star Wars Unlimited tournaments, Director Krennic’s Showcase card has been soaring up the charts, currently sitting with a value of $354.

Given Krennic’s power and recent surge in the meta, Krennic has climbed from ninth place all the way to to sixth in just a matter of weeks. With no signs of slowing down, don’t be surprised if this Showcase cracks the top three in the near future.

6. Chewbacca – Walking Carpet (Showcase): $363

Star Wars Unlimited Chewbacca Showcase card

Everyone’s favorite ‘walking carpet’ Chewie comes in next with this Leader Showcase card storming up the charts since the first set’s release. While currently at a market price of $363, this one seems destined to gradually increase in value. A handful of sales have even seen Chewbacca traded for as much as $500 already.

5. Sabine Wren – Galvanized Revolutionary (Showcase): $390

Star Wars Unlimited Sabine Wren Showcase card

As the most aggressive Leader card in the Spark of Rebellion set, Sabine Wren has been in high demand, so it makes sense her Showcase card is among the most expensive thus far. While this one has definitely fluctuated, initially being closer to the top of the list before dropping all the way to seventh place, Sabine has begun climbing once again.

While currently valued at $390, Sabine’s Showcase card has previously sold for as much as $420.

4. Han Solo – Audacious Smuggler (Showcase): $495

Star Wars Unlimited Han Solo Showcase card

Next comes Han Solo’s dazzling Showcase card, one of the more sought after for early meta decks. While sales in May have gone for as much as $770, the current market price for this one now stands at just under $500.

3. Emperor Palpatine – Galactic Ruler (Showcase): $520

Star Wars Unlimited Emperor Palpatine Showcase card

With Green control decks emerging as some of the strongest as the Set 1 meta evolves, Emperor Palpatine has become the third-most valuable Leader in the game. As a result, the market price of his Showcase is just over of the $500 mark, though individual sales are already going for as much as $600.

As one of the most powerful Leaders in the game thus far, Papa Palp is among the most treasured under the Command Aspect.

2. Leia Organa – Alliance General (Showcase): $592

Star Wars Unlimited Leia Organa Showcase card

Princess Leia has officially stolen the second spot with her extremely valuable Showcase card. While prices for this particular item initially started slow, sales have only continued to climb since launch, pushing the market value to just shy of $529, placing Leia over Palpatine.

As the early meta evolves, and Leia grows more popular, sales for this Showcase card have reached as high as $800 already.

1. Boba Fett – Collecting the Bounty (Showcase): $793

Star Wars Unlimited Boba Fett Showcase card

Topping the list as the single most expensive card in Star Wars Unlimited today is the Boba Fett Showcase. With its value only skyrocketing since launch, individual sales of this card are now nearing the four-figure mark, and it’s not expected to go down anytime soon.

Particularly valuable due to its incredible power, the Boba Fett Leader card has become a staple of the early meta, dominating more than a few events already. 

Most expensive non-Showcase cards in Star Wars Unlimited

5. Vigilance – (Hyperspace & Foil): $63

Vigilance card in Star Wars Unlimited

Options are always handy in Star Wars Unlimited, and Vigilance gives you plenty. With four distinct abilities, this card is quite flexible, allowing you to adapt on the fly to any given situation. Perhaps you want some removal or maybe you’d rather heal up a little against a rush deck, why not both? As a result of its diverse power, Vigilance has sold for as much as $100 already.

4. Luke Skywalker – Jedi Knight (Hyperspace & Foil): $62

Luke Skywalker Unit card in Star Wars Unlimited

As one of the most powerful Legendary cards in Star Wars Unlimited, the Luke Skywalker Unit card has been an extremely valuable pull in Set 1.

Not only is it a tanky Ground Unit with seven health, but its When Played ability acts as some of the most effective removal in the game today with the potential to swing any match in your favor.

3. Boba Fett – Disintegrator (Hyperspace & Foil): $73

Boba Fett's unit card in Star Wars Unlimited

If you’ve played against a Boba Leader deck, chances are, they have the Boba Fett Unit card to complement it. Synergizing all too well with Fett’s Firespray and the Leader card itself, Boba Fett’s Unit card has become extremely valuable, sitting at a market price just under $100.

2. Darth Vader – Commanding the First Legion (Hyperspace & Foil): $117

Star Wars Unlimited Darth Vader Hyperspace card

None other than Darth Vader’s unit card comes in second place. Having previously sold for as much as $280, Vader has slown down somewhat in recent weeks as more counters become prevalent in the meta. Though with his incredible ability to put further Units on the board, it’s still among the very best Legendary cards in Star Wars Unlimited today.

1. Mace Windu – Party Crasher (Champion): $235

Mace Windu Champion variant in Star Wars Unlimited

As the first-ever Store Showdown reward, this Mace Windu variant has exploded as the single most expensive non-Showcase card in Star Wars Unlimited. Just one of these is available per store, and as you guessed, it’s only handed out to the lone winner of the Set 1 Store Showdown event. As a result, they’re extremely rare and naturally difficult to attain.

This unique artwork also comes for those who finish among the Top 8, Top 4, if you’re a Finalist, and lastly, this Champion version. Initially blowing up with a market price around the $370 mark, it’s dropped to a current value of $235. It’s the fifth most expensive card in the game overall today, and has no signs of being knocked off the top spot for non-Showcase cards anytime soon.

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