Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin release date, monster list, trailer, more


Monster Hunter Stories 2 is the next title from Capcom’s ever-popular beast-slaying series, so here’s everything you need to know ahead of the game’s release. 

While many Monster Hunter fans are currently diving into the latest mainline title, Capcom has also released plenty of information regarding Monster Hunter Stories 2. Unlike Monster Hunter World and Rise, Stories 2 is a spinoff that features completely different gameplay. Instead of slaying monsters with oversized weapons, hunters can team up and collect a variety of toothy terrors to help them on their adventure.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 puts players firmly in the saddle of their very own monsters, allowing them to unleash devastating attacks in exciting turn-based combat. While the latest trailer for the new game was fairly short, we’ve rounded up all the information we currently know about Monster Hunter Stories 2. 

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Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin release date

Monster Hunter Stories 2

Capcom announced that Monster Hunter Stories 2 will release worldwide on July 9, 2021, for the Nintendo Switch and PC. Those that preorder the upcoming title will be able to get the Kamura Maiden Outfit for Ena – a Wyverian girl who helps the protagonist throughout the game. 

Deluxe Kit Content

Monster Hunter Stories 2 deluxe editionCapcom
Monster Hunter Stories 2 Deluxe Edition comes packed with plenty of goodies.

Alongside the pre-order bonus and standard edition, Capcom is also releasing a deluxe version that comes packed with some extra Monster Hunter-themed goodies. The full list of Monster Hunter Stories 2 deluxe kit content can be found below:

Rider’s Layered Armor:

  • Razewing Armor Alpha
  • Razewing Armor Beta

Ena’s Outfit:

  • Kuan Coat

Navirou’s Outfits:

  • Pukei-Pukei Costume
  • Nergigante Costume

Rider’s Hairstyle:

  • Spiky Nergal

Sticker Sets:

  • Adventure Buddies 2
  • Adventure Buddies 3

Monster Hunter Rise Stories 2 story and trailer

Monster Hunter Stories takes place in Mahana, the central village of Hakolo Island. Players assume the role of Red’s grandchild, whose Monstie was Guardian Ratha, the revered protector of Hakolo Island. However, not everything is as it seems. A mass disappearance of Rathalos has befallen the land and our intrepid adventurer will need to solve what’s causing these environmental abnormalities. 

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Fortunately, players won’t be traveling alone as they’ll be joined by Ena, a Wyverian girl who has been entrusted with a flightless Rathalos. “When the wings unfurl, disaster will befall the land. Your life will never be the same after your fateful encounter with the legendary Rathalos.” 

Another trailer was also shown at E3 2021, giving fans a deeper glimpse into the story of Monster Hunter Stories 2.

Unique turn-based combat

Monster Hunter Stories 2 combat Capcom
Monster Hunter Stories 2 uses traditional turn-based combat.

Unlike previous Monster Hunter games that see players take down monolithic beasts in real-time, Monster Hunter Stories takes a turn-based approach. While you’ll still be able to wiled a variety of iconic weapons, the main damage comes from your Monsties – friendly versions of the series’ most fearsome monsters. 

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It’s in these Monster vs Monster fights where you’ll need to use your knowledge of your opponent’s characteristics to launch devastating hits. There are three attack types: Power, Speed, and Technical. These three types play directly into the game’s rock, paper, scissors style combat. 

For example, Speed beats Power, Technical beats Speed, and Power beats Technical. You’ll need to select the right combination at the right time if you wish to break monster parts, utilize deadly double attacks, and unleash game-changing Kinship Skills. 

All Monsters in Monster Hunter Stories 2 (so far)

Mizutsune Monster HunterCapcom
There are plenty of Monsters to hunt and collect in Stories 2.

Monsters (Monsties) can be found throughout the colorful world of Stories 2. Not only will you be able to ride these gentle giants around the game’s overworld, you’ll also take control of them in battles against other fearsome beasts. 

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The complete list of monsters in Stories 2 has yet to be announced by Capcom, but you can find the current roster below: 

  • Astalos
  • Barioth
  • Rathian 
  • Zamtrios 
  • Diablos 
  • Lagiacrus 
  • Glavenus 
  • Gammoth 
  • Tobi-Kadachi
  • Bazelgeuse
  • Mizutsune 
  • Pukei-Pukei 
  • Paolumu
  • Anjanath 
  • Legiana 
  • Kulu-Ya-Ku
  • Velocidrome 

All Monster Hunter Stories 2 weapons

Monster Hunter Stories 2 NargacugaCapcom
The Great Sword looks incredibly powerful.

While combat may largely focus around controlling your Monsties, you’ll still need to kit your Rider out with their very own weapons. Unlike other Monster Hunter titles, Stories 2 only features a total of six weapons. Each weapon comes with its own unique skills and strengths and weaknesses, so be sure to experiment with each of them. 

The complete list of Monster Hunter Stories 2 weapons can be found below:

  • Great Sword
  • Hammer 
  • Sword & Shield
  • Hunting Horn
  • Bow
  • Gunlance 

All locations and areas in Monster Hunter Stories 2 (so far)

During your quest to find out the reasons behind the disappearance of the region’s Rathalos, you’ll encounter a myriad of locations. Each location will have its own unique monsters and habitats, so you’ll need to explore each if you wish to get your hands on the game’s best wyverns. 

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All the confirmed Monster Hunter Stories 2 locations and their respective descriptions can be found below:

Location Description Picture
Loloska This frigid region is located next to Alcala. It is known for its snowy mountain that towers over the surrounding snowfields.
Kuan Village Located in Loloska, this village is still recovering from the damage it received as a result of the Black Blight. It is Avinia’s hometown, and under the leadership of Chief Daul, it is home to many Riders. Kuan Village
Pomore Garden This breathtaking area is filled with flowers and trees in full bloom. Make your way down one of the paths lined with cherry blossoms to find the Terga Volcano Trail. Pomore Garden
Terga The Terga Volcano Trail will lead you to the base of the volcano. A cave with crystals formed by the intense heat of flowing lava can be found here. Terga
Felyne Shelter This settlement lies on the edge of Pomore Garden and is populated only by Felynes. Felyne Shelter
Hakolo Island A tropical island known for its sacred mountain. Large monsters graze peacefully among the grasslands. Hakolo-Island
Mahana Village The central village of Hakolo Island. This is your hometown. Red once called this his home, as well. In this area, you will meet Chief Gara, Kayna, and other Riders. Mahana Village
Alcala A vast region with rocky terrain. This area contains many primeval forests unchanged since ancient times. Alcala
Rutoh Village A village in the middle of a forest, populated by only Wyverians. Ena’s hometown, and one that Red often visited during his travels. The villagers live in harmony among lush greenery and various monsters. Elder Maolo, Alwin, and Zellard are some of the Wyverians who live here. Rutoh Village
Lamure A vast and rugged desert prone to swirling dust. The remnants of an ancient civilization can be found scattered around here. Lamure
Lulucion A sprawling city that serves as a hub for Hunters and Scriveners. In addition to shopping and industrial areas, Lulucion is also home to the Scriveners Lodge, where Lilia acts as commander. Lulucion
Lamure Tower This ruined tower stands abandoned in a corner of the Lamure Desert. Though humans left long ago, numerous monsters now lurk within its halls. Lamure Tower

So, there you have it, everything we know about Monster Hunter Stories 2. Make sure you check out our Monster Hunter page for all the latest news and updates.