MK11 pro flexes on opponent in epic way during state vs state showdown

. 3 years ago
nycfurby, Twitch / NetherRealm Studios

The release of Mortal Kombat 11 was met with incredible hype, even seeing WWE superstars getting amped up for the game – but competitive Mortal Kombat pros are taking things even further, as seen during an epic showdown during one of the biggest fighting game tournaments of the year.

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Combo Breaker 2019 is, as usual ,a tournament full of intense competition and hype moments for fighting game players of all titles – including games like Street Fighter V, Tekken 7, and the new Mortal Kombat 11.

Just as Combo Breaker was winding down on its second day, a heated beef between MK11’s local communities in Texas and Florida flared up, prompting players to organize a 10 v 10 team grudge match to settle the feud once and for all.

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The grudge between Florida and Texas communities escalated at Combo Breaker 2019, resulting in a state vs state grudge match that will go down in history as one of the most hype side-tournaments of all time.

Teams engaged in boisterous trash talk as their players threw down on stage – but one MK11 pro took things to the next level.

Fighting game pro Christian ‘Forever King’ Quiles, of Florida, ended his victorious round against Sonya player ‘SoSickNashFan’ in the most disrespectful and hype way possible, teabagging multiple times before granting his opponent ‘Mercy’ – a mechanic that lets players choose to give their enemies another fighting chance after a knockout.

Forever King took this opportunity to flex on the opposition, taking Sonya out a second time amidst a flurry of teabags, only to repeat the motion himself after the stream switched to a live feed of the stage alongside commentator Kitana Prime.

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Of course, the crowd went wild – but that wasn’t the end of their fight, by far. Florida and Texas went at it for another hype series of battles until the two states were tied 9-9.

In a nail-biting final set, Florida ended up winning the grudge match, prompting a massive celebratory popoff from the community.

This Mortal Kombat showdown marks a major testament to the fighting game community’s passion, which comes to a head as Combo Breaker wraps up the action during Sunday Finals, with multiple players fighting for a chance at fame, glory, and ranking points in one of the most hype events of the season.

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