CouRage mocks Epic Games’ decision making on their own livestream


Twitch star Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop took shots at Epic Games’ recent decision making, while he casting the World Cup qualifiers on their official live stream.

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The former OpTic Gaming member was hired as an official caster for the upcoming Fortnite World Cup, but referenced the recent controversial changes made by Epic Games, which have upset top streamers and professional players, during the live broadcast.

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins and Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney have both pleaded with the developer to re-vault the overpowered drum gun after the community voted to bring it back to the game, while other weapons such as the pump shotgun were unexpectedly removed from the loot pool.

Ninja is just one of many streamers and pros that want the drum gun back in the vault.
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CouRage specifically referenced the removal of the pump shotgun – which caused outrage in the community – after watching a player fail to utilize the new combat variant effectively.

While the new weapon has increased fire rate and range compared to the pump, it isn’t capable of hitting 200 damage shots meaning players on low health points are no longer able to hit clutch shots during hectic end games.

“Right there is the difference between the combat shotgun and the pump. If I had a pump, there could have been a slight chance of a 200 damage one shot.

“But a combat shotgun right there, you just have no shot.”

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The ex-Call of Duty caster continued to fire shots at Epic’s recent choices – particularly the re-addition of the semi-automatic sniper rifle.

CouRage suggested that Epic should implement a ‘weapon eater’ NPC that would rid the game of useless and overpowered weapons.

He said: “It eats up weapons – the drum gun and semi-auto sniper – and spits back out the pump shotgun!”

While their recent choices may be unpopular, as shown in the past, it’s unlikely that Epic Games will revert any of the recent changes any time soon.

For now, players will have to continue to adapt to the newly added weapons while the pump lays dormant in the vault.