Marvel Snap Season 3: Heroes For Hire Season Pass rewards, new cards, more

Brad Norton
Marvel Snap logo with Daredevil footage

Marvel Snap Season 3 is now live for the month of August 2022 as the Heroes For Hire jump into frame. From the introduction of Daredevil to a full rundown of all new Season Pass rewards, here’s everything you need to know.

With Thor Love and Thunder now in the rearview mirror, Marvel Snap’s third season in Closed Beta has arrived. This time around, it’s the Heroes For Hire stealing the spotlight, headlined by none other than Daredevil himself.

As usual, an all-new season means fresh challenges, rewards, and the like to keep you busy. Looking to bounce back after the controversial and short-lived Nexus Events, we’re sure to see plenty of big Marvel Snap updates throughout Season 3.

So if you’ve secured Closed Beta access, be sure to brush up with our full breakdown of all there is to know about Marvel Snap Season 3.


Marve comics heroes for hire
Heroes For Hire take center stage in Marvel Snap Season 3.

Marvel Snap Season 3: Heroes For Hire dates

Marvel Snap’s Heroes For Hire season went live on Tuesday, August 9 and is set to run for a full month. Thus, fans have roughly until Tuesday, September 6 to play through the season and unlock all the latest content before it’s gone.

As always though, plans can always change throughout the season. So we’ll be sure to keep you posted here should there be any delays along the way.

Marvel Snap Season 3: Heroes For Hire price

No different from usual, Marvel Snap’s Heroes For Hire Season Pass can be accessed in three different ways. Up first is to just play the game casually and claim free rewards as you go.

Though if you’d rather unlock everything on offer, you’ll have to spend a little by purchasing the Premium track for $9.99. Alternately, there’s a more expensive option in the Premium+ bundle for $14.99 that instantly advances through the first 10 tiers.

New Marvel Snap Season 3 card: Daredevil

With the launch of Season 3 came none other than the devil of Hell’s Kitchen himself, Daredevil. As a 2 Cost 2 Power card, Daredevil comes with a unique effect not seen previously in Marvel Snap. On turn 5, he provides the ability for players to see their opponent’s plays before making their own.

Daredevil can be unlocked right away in the premium Season Pass, along with an additional art variant at Tier 50.

Marvel Snap Daredevil card
Daredevil debuts in Marvel Snap Season 3.

Marvel Snap Season 3: Heroes For Hire Season Pass Missions

As you would expect from a new season in Marvel Snap, the month of August 2022 brings a range of limited-time Missions to provide Season Pass XP.

Most can be completed in the background as you play, though some will require more manual effort. Regardless, they’re the most effective way to boost your XP gains throughout the Season so be sure to complete as many as possible.

Below is a full look at every Mission in Marvel Snap’s Heroes For Hire season.

Chapter Mission Reward
Chapter 1 (Spar at Chikara Dojo) Complete all 7 Chapter 1 Missions 2500 XP
Play 1 Cost Cards (30 total) 1000 XP
Upgrade a Card (12 total) 1250 XP
Move Cards (10 times total) 900 XP
Chapter 2 (Punish the Wicked) Complete all 7 Chapter 2 Missions 2500 XP
Make your opponent retreat 1200 XP
Win with Punisher starting in your deck 1000 XP
Play Ongoing Cards (30 total) 900 XP

Marvel Snap Season 3: Heroes For Hire Season Pass Rewards

Marvel Snap Season 3 brings with it a full 50-tier Season Pass packed full of rewards. The typical mix of Credits, Gold, Card Backs, and of course, new cards like Daredevil are all featured throughout.

Below is a full rundown of all 50 tiers in the Heroes For Hire Season Pass.

Tier 1Daredevil (New Card)
Tier 2100 Credits
Tier 315 Daredevil Boosters
Tier 4100 Gold
Tier 5200 Credits
Tier 615 Daredevil Boosters
Tier 715 Boosters
Tier 8Card Art Variant
Tier 915 Daredevil Boosters
Tier 10100 Credits
Tier 11100 Gold
Tier 12New Avatar (Misty Knight)
Tier 13200 Credits
Tier 1420 Misty Knight Boosters
Tier 15100 Gold
Tier 1615 Boosters
Tier 17100 Credits
Tier 18Misty Knight (New Card Art Variant)
Tier 19100 Gold
Tier 2020 Misty Knight Boosters
Tier 21100 Credits
Tier 2215 Boosters
Tier 23200 Credits
Tier 2415 Boosters
Tier 2520 Misty Knight Boosters
Tier 26100 Credits
Tier 27New Avatar (Punisher)
Tier 28200 Credits
Tier 29100 Gold
Tier 30200 Credits
Tier 31New Card Back (Daredevil)
Tier 32Card Art Variant (Punisher)
Tier 33100 Gold
Tier 3420 Punisher Boosters
Tier 35200 Credits
Tier 36Card Art Variant
Tier 3720 Punisher Boosters
Tier 38100 Gold
Tier 3915 Boosters
Tier 4020 Punisher Boosters
Tier 41200 Credits
Tier 4215 Boosters
Tier 43100 Credits
Tier 4420 Daredevil Boosters
Tier 45500 Credits
Tier 46New Avatar (Daredevil)
Tier 47New Card Back (Punisher)
Tier 48Card Art Variant
Tier 49500 Gold
Tier 50Card Art Variant (Daredevil)
Tier 51Season Cache
Tier 52Season Cache
Tier 53Season Cache
Tier 54Season Cache
Tier 55Season Cache

So while that’s all there is to know about Marvel Snap Season 3 for the time being, there’s always a chance things change throughout the month of August. With even more new cards seemingly on the horizon, we’ll be sure to keep you posted here with any further developments.