Marvel Snap Season 2: Thor Love and Thunder Season Pass rewards, new cards, more

Brad Norton
Marvel Snap Season 2 Love and Thunder artwork
Marvel / Second Dinner

Keeping the hype rolling in Closed Beta, Marvel Snap Season 2 is now live as Thor Love and Thunder soaks up the spotlight throughout the month of July. From a breakdown of all seasonal challenges to a look at new cards and Season Pass rewards, here’s everything you need to know.

Although Marvel Snap remains in Closed Beta for another month, that doesn’t mean the rollout of new content is slowing down. Following close behind Atlantis Beach Club in Season 1, the game’s Season 2 theme is now in focus as Thor takes center stage.

Coinciding with the launch of the latest MCU release in July, Thor Love and Thunder is taking over the new card game throughout Season 2.

With all-new cards up for grabs, including the mighty Thor himself, along with a range of limited seasonal rewards, there’s plenty to be excited about. So if you’ve managed to gain early access in the Closed Beta, here’s a full rundown of all there is to know about Marvel Snap Season 2.


Chris Hemsworth as Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder, the next Phase Four film of the MCU
Marvel Studios
Thor: Love and Thunder is taking over more than just the big screen in July.

Marvel Snap Season 2: Thor Love and Thunder dates

Marvel Snap’s second season, Thor Love and Thunder, launched on Tuesday, July 5 and is set to conclude one month later on Tuesday, August 9.

No different from most games with seasonal models, Marvel Snap follows a monthly cadence for its major updates. Therefore we know to expect a new season with each passing month, August being no different.

As always though, there’s a chance things change along the way. Given the game is still in its early testing period through the Closed Beta, there’s potential for issues to creep up and cause delays. We’ll be sure to update you here throughout July if that is indeed the case.

Marvel Snap Season 2: Thor Love and Thunder price

The Marvel Snap Thor Love and Thunder Season Pass can be accessed in three different ways. Your first choice is to simply unlock all free rewards along the way, saving your money in the process.

But if you’d rather grab everything on offer throughout the 50-tier Season Pass, you can purchase the premium track for $9.99.

Moreover, if you’d rather boost your way through the first 10 tiers, the Premium+ bundle is available for $14.99.

Marvel Snap Season 2 Thor
Marvel / Second Dinner
Thor is the headliner for Marvel Snap Season 2.

New Marvel Snap Season 2 cards

With the launch of Season 2 came one new card as the mighty Thor joined the mix. Dropping onto the board as a 4-cost, 6 Power card, Thor shuffles Mjölnir into your deck On Reveal.

Mjölnir itself is a 0-cost, 0 Power card, that on Reveal gives Thor +6 Power.

For the time being, Thor is the only new addition this season. We’ll be sure to keep you updated if any further heroes join the fight as the weeks go by.

Marvel Snap Season 2: Thor Love and Thunder Season Pass Missions

No different from the first season in Marvel Snap, the month of Love and Thunder comes with a range of unique Missions to help you progress the Season Pass.

Completing these are the best way to boosting your XP gains and unlocking all 50 rewards before the season comes to a close.

Below is a full look at every Mission in the Thor Love and Thunder season.

Chapter Mission Reward
Chapter 1 (Thor: Son of Odin) Complete all 7 Chapter 1 Missions 2500 XP
Play On Reveal Cards (35 total) 900 XP
Play 1000 Power’s worth of Cards 1200 XP
Play 6 cost Cards (10 total) 1050 XP
Draw Cards 650 XP
Gain Collection Score (15 levels total) 950 XP
Win matches (10 total) 800 XP
Chapter 2 (Defending Asgard with Lady Sif) Complete all 7 Chapter 2 Missions 2500 XP
Win a Location with 4 Cards (25 total) 1000 XP
Upgrade a Card (12 total) 1200 XP
Play 3 Cost Cards (30 total) 900 XP
Win a Location with 1 Card (20 total) 800 XP
Play 2 Cost Cards (50 total) 800 XP
Win a Location with 10 or Less Power (25 total) 950 XP
Play 1 Cost Cards (50 total) 650 XP
Chapter 3 (Stop Destroyer Before it’s too Late) Complete all 7 Chapter 3 Missions 2500 XP
Play On Reveal Cards (40 total) 950 XP
Win with a Snap (10 times total) 1200 XP
Win a Location with over 20 Power (25 times) 1000 XP
Destroy Cards (15 total) 900 XP
Win all 3 Locations in a Match 1200 XP
Complete Hard Daily Missions (10 total) 1100 XP
Make your Opponent’s Retreat (5 times total) 1500 XP
Chapter 4 (Call the Bifrost with Heimdall) TBA TBA

Marvel Snap Season 2: Thor Love and Thunder Season Pass Rewards

As you would expect, the Season 2 Pass includes a mix of Credits, Gold, Avatars, Card Art Variants, and plenty more.

Steadily progressing through the Season Pass is arguably the most efficient way of boosting your Collection Level to unlock new cards. Thus, it’s vital you earn as many rewards as possible.

Below is a complete breakdown of every reward available in the current Season Pass.

Tier Reward
Tier 1 Thor (New Card)
Tier 2 100 Credits
Tier 3 15 Thor Boosters
Tier 4 100 Gold
Tier 5 200 Credits
Tier 6 15 Thor Boosters
Tier 7 15 Boosters
Tier 8 Card Art Variant
Tier 9 15 Thor Boosters
Tier 10 100 Credits
Tier 11 100 Gold
Tier 12 New Avatar (Lady Sif)
Tier 13 200 Credits
Tier 14 20 Lady Sif Boosters
Tier 15 100 Gold
Tier 16 15 Boosters
Tier 17 100 Credits
Tier 18 Lady Sif (New Card Art Variant)
Tier 19 100 Gold
Tier 20 20 Lady Sif Boosters
Tier 21 100 Credits
Tier 22 15 Boosters
Tier 23 200 Credits
Tier 24 15 Boosters
Tier 25 20 Lady Sif Boosters
Tier 26 100 Credits
Tier 27 Card Art Variant
Tier 28 200 Credits
Tier 29 100 Gold
Tier 30 200 Credits
Tier 31 New Card Back
Tier 32 20 Heimdall Boosters
Tier 33 100 Gold
Tier 34 New Avatar (Heimdall)
Tier 35 100 Credits
Tier 36 20 Heimdall Boosters
Tier 37 200 Credits
Tier 38 100 Gold
Tier 39 15 Boosters
Tier 40 Heimdall (New Card Art Variant)
Tier 41 200 Credits
Tier 42 20 Heimdall Boosters
Tier 43 15 Boosters
Tier 44 20 Thor Boosters
Tier 45 500 Credits
Tier 46 New Avatar (Thor)
Tier 47 New Card Back
Tier 48 Card Art Variant
Tier 49 500 Gold
Tier 50 Thor (Card Art Variant)
Tier 51 25 Credits
Tier 52 25 Credits
Tier 53 25 Credits
Tier 54 25 Credits
Tier 55 25 Credits

So that’s all there is to know about Marvel Snap Season 2. As it’s still early days yet for the new card game, we’ll be sure to keep you posted here as any further news hits the web.