Ludwig rips shirt off in celebration after beating a Mario Party speedrun record

Jeremy Gan

Ludwig decided to rip his shirt off in celebration after beating fellow streamer’s Squeex’s Mario Party Speedrun Personal Best record in an ongoing feud. 

Ludwig has always been a fan of speedruns, despite not dedicating the immense amount of hours it takes to be the very best. Though even with that, he does occasionally try his hand at beating certain records.

Be it attempting a glitchless run of Getting Over It early in his career, to creating the God Game Gauntlet speedrun where a player has to complete three separate games back-to-back-to-back in as quick a time as possible, he’s certainly had plenty of experience in the space.

And now, his latest speedrunning feud against fellow streamer Squeex, sees both of them one-upping each other’s PB times, and Ludwig decided to celebrate in an interesting manner after his latest run. 

Clip starts at 4:46:30

The speedrun was the Mario Party Superstars 100 Minigames speedrun in which a player has to win all 100 minigames in Mario Party as fast as possible. It is not an easy record to beat, with the official world record being 1 hour 15 minutes, and 16 seconds. 

Squeex’s PB was 3 hours 55 minutes, and 53 seconds, and Luwdig beat it with just 20 seconds to spare. The moment Ludwig beat it, it was quite clear he was incredibly happy with the results. 

“Yes! Yes! Let’s go! 20 seconds left! Everybody who spammed GG, f*** you!” he shouted, clearly proving the chatters who were spamming that the run was over wrong. After shouting at his viewers, he decided to rip his shirt open in pure celebration. 

And it’s quite clear he also felt an immense amount of joy at the knowledge that Squeex’s PB was soundly beaten by him. “You want to know the best part of all?” he asked his chat. 

“Let me show you the best part of all boys, it’s not winning, it’s gloating,” Ludwig said as he showed Discord messages of Squeex’s live reaction to watching Ludwig beat his record.