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Key Diablo 4 info leaks ahead of BlizzCon 2019 – classes, co-op, more

Published: 31/Oct/2019 18:49 Updated: 1/Nov/2019 14:17

by Michael Gwilliam


A new wave of Diablo 4 info has leaked on the eve of BlizzCon 2019 and it would seem like the game is drawing heavily from Diablo 2’s grim visual style. 

The leak, posted by Reddit user PracticalBrush12 details how the tone of the world will be “dirty and gross”. Locations will be laid with corpses and rotting flesh. Adding to the aesthetic, blood will no longer look like “splashed jam”. 

According to the leaker, the game is a “wink” to fans of Diablo 2 with its “nitty-gritty dark style” that the franchise’s original sequel was praised heavily for. Some skills from Diablo 2, such as Sorceress’ charged bolt, have also made it to the game’s fourth installment. 

Blizzard EntertainmentDiablo 4 is said to draw heavily from series-favorite Diablo 2.

They go on to state that players will be visiting wastelands, marshes, bogs, and plagued cities. But that’s interesting is that players will be able to ride horses from location to location and interact with the environment in ways not yet seen in Diablo games.

For example, PracticalBrush12 says players will be able to climb walls “Lost Ark style.” Lost Ark is an MMORPG developed and published by Smilegate in 2018. However, the leaker states they’re unsure how exactly this new element will play out. 

The leaker added that they could confirm three classes in the game: mage, barbarian, and druid. The mage would use fire, lightning, and ice, the barbarian would focus on melee combat with swords, clubs, and axes, while the druid would handle wind and transform into beasts.  So far, the druid can turn into a bear or a werewolf.

They seemed sure that 4-player co-op would be coming to the game with the possibility of PvP from the start, although they were unclear on this detail.

Sadly, there was no indication that the user knew when the game would release. 

Blizzard EntertainmentDiablo 4 classes include mage, barbarian and druid according to the leaker.

Industry insider Daniel Ahmad seemed to confirm the leak’s validity in a Twitter post where he linked to the Reddit thread.

Ahmad claimed that the leaks lined up with everything he had heard about the title and how it borrows heavily from Diablo 2’s style and combines it with Diablo 3’s combat. 

Further signs of a new darker themed Diablo game have appeared, with Blizzard putting up signs around Blizzcon warning fans that some content “may not be suitable for younger viewers.” 

While this doesn’t confirm much, it definitely lines up with the leaks that state Diablo 4 will return to it’s origins. 

Diablo 4 had previously been leaked in a Blizzard advert for a book titled “The Art of Diablo.” The ad started the book contained “over 500 artworks from Diablo, Diablo II, Diablo III, and Diablo IV.”

It will be interesting to see how much of the possible leak is accurate as a new Diablo could very well be unveiled during the BlizzCon opening ceremony on November 1. 


Valorant dev responds to players asking for map-specific queues

Published: 29/Nov/2020 1:30

by Alan Bernal


A Valorant developer gave weight to the idea of map-specific queues after Icebox’s mixed reception made it difficult for some to get any meaningful practice on the map.

Icebox has been a divisive addition to Valorant. There are some members of the community who swear it’s a great example of a tactical map that demands a thoughtful approach to Agent ability usage; and there are others who believe it’s the worst map to grace the game.

Unfortunately, people in either camp share the same matchmaking playlist. This presents a problem, at times, in which people who want to play Icebox can matchmake with someone else who will then dodge that particular map.

Luckily, there are discussions within Riot Games for a solution that could include special playlists that feature specific maps.

Riot Games
Some players have been dodging Icebox too many times, and Riot might try to find a solution for it.

“Could you please put a separate queue so that we can quickly get some experience,” a message to Riot said. “I found it hard to get used to Icebox because people keep dodging so I can’t rack up the hours to get used to the map.”

Riot Insight and Strategy dev on Valorant, Coleman ‘Altombre’ Palm, responded with an encouraging word, noting how the idea is “a great suggestion and it’s something we’ve talked about ourselves as well.”

One of the last times Riot addressed map selection playlists was back in July, when Senior Producer Ian Fielding said from a competitive standpoint, separating the matchmaking pool wasn’t ideal for players.

“Splitting up matchmaking into separate map pools would reduce the overall players in our matchmaking pool,” Fielding said in an Ask Valorant blog. “Which not only slows down matchmaking, but makes it more difficult for us to produce fair matches.

“Given that, we currently don’t have plans to enable map specific selection for Matchmaking.”

riot valorant map selection

As disappointed as some players might have been, Altombre’s update has given some hope that Valorant could one day include these smaller matchmaking queues.

Although who’s to say it would look anything like the kind found in CS:GO. In League of Legends, Riot has people lock in a primary and secondary role to choose which one they get in a match.

In some instances, a player won’t get either. Moreover, if the system determines there’s a lack of sufficient players queuing for a certain role, then the game offers a brief reward for anyone willing to fill it.

csgo map selector matchmaking
Valve via 7tlo Reddit
A map selector could be coming to Valorant, though it might not look what people are familiar in CS:GO.

A general idea like that could be applied to Valorant’s maps. Although tweaked to fit the concept, that could be a solution to let people choose which two locales they prefer, while maintaining the possibility of getting any map at the end of the day.

In either case, it sounds like Riot wants to tackle this issue in some capacity soon, and hopefully it results in a meaningful quality of life update for Valorant.