Diablo 4 Vessel of Hatred’s Spiritborn class: Everything we know

Ethan Dean
Diablo 4 Spiritborn Class

Diablo 4 will get its first new class since launch when Spiritborn arrives alongside the Vessel of Hatred expansion.

Diablo 4 does a pretty good job of changing and evolving through its seasonal iterations, with Season 4 bringing a major overhaul. However, details about Diablo 4’s Vessel of Hatred expansion will go even further, introducing a new region, story, and a new class – the Spiritborn.

Officially revealed alongside Vessel of Hatred during the Xbox Games Showcase 2024, the Spiritborn class is the first new character to be added to Diablo 4 since launch. Here’s everything we know, so far.

The art for Diablo 4 Vessel of Hatred
Vessel of Hatred will introduce the Spiritborn class and their land.

When will Spiritborn become available in Diablo 4?

The Spiritborn Class will hit Diablo 4 when Vessel of Hatred releases on October 8, 2024.

Players will need to purchase the expansion to play as the new class.

Spiritborn class reveal

Blizzard revealed Spiritborn gameplay footage on July 18 in a stream where developers broke down the “class design, gameplay, lore, and much more.”

A gameplay trailer for the character class also accompanied the broadcast.

What do we know about Diablo 4’s Spiritborn class?

Taking inspiration from Diablo Immortal’s trend of creating a new class rather than recycling an older one, the Spiritborn will be native to the new Nahantu region in the DLC and serve as part of a warrior sect who’ve risen up to defend their land from Mephisto.

When designing the agile Spiritborn class, Blizzard developers took inspiration from martial arts and Diablo’s Nahantu jungle. As opposed to overbearing themselves with armor, these characters have certain elements of nature imbued into their being.

Without lots of armor weighing them down, it should come as no surprise that Spiritborn counts as Diablo 4’s fastest class, one that will primarily revolve around dexterity.

Similarities to the Witch Doctor

Like the Witch Doctor, the Spiritborn will have a voodoo priest vibe, so it will be interesting to see if the classes share any similarities. As the Necromancer is the master of death, and the Druid is the master of nature in Diablo 4, there might not be much space for the Witch Doctor class – one that embodies both of these traits in Diablo 3.

This could be why Blizzard has created a different class for the Kurast region in Vessel of Hatred, one that leans into the Aztec theme a little more and less on Voodoo. The class may also take some inspiration from the new classes added to Diablo Immortal in recent years, such as the Tempest.

In terms of the lore, the Spiritborn class will be defending their homeland from Mephisto, one of the Prime Evils, Lilith’s father, and Diablo’s brother. Mephisto ravaged Kurast in Diablo 2 and is returning to his old stomping ground.

In Diablo 3, this is what encouraged the Witch Doctors to join the fight, so we imagine the same will be true of the Spiritborn class in Diablo 4 when they arrive with the DLC

What to expect from Spiritborn class’ gameplay

In terms of gameplay, Spiritborn will be a mixture of the Witch Doctor and the Monk, with developers describing it as a class that can “best any foe with their imbued weapons, perform powerful combo attacks, and augment their arsenal with deadly poisons and shadow magic to slay demons with impunity.”

As noted in the reveal stream on July 18, Diablo 4’s new class will have the ability to summon spirit guardians that include a Centipede, Eagle, Gorilla, and Jaguar. Each guardian adopts the qualities of different forms of martial arts, as well.

Centipede will deal power damage, as well as offer crowd control, and life-stealing abilities. For the Eagle spirit, players can expect an emphasis on movement speed, ranged damage, and precision attacks.

The Gorilla spirit will focus on damage reduction, damage reflection, and defense. And, lastly, Movement, AoE damage, and attack speed will prove central to the Jaguar spirit guardian.

Using these guardians in combat will both fend off enemies and empower the Spiritborn character. While players will have the option to focus their efforts on upgrading one spirit guardian, learning skills from various spirits constitutes another viable option, the developers said.

During the broadcast’s Q&A section, developers told viewers the new class will only wield two-handed weapons and use a resource called Vigor that’s obtained by employing Basic Skills.

The team also noted that what separates the Druid from Spiritborn is that the latter channels guardian spirits, while the former morphs into and summons animals.

In addition, Blizzard confirmed Vessel of Hatred will further mix up the gameplay by adding two new weapons – a Glaive and Quarter Staff.

Spiritborn will be available to everyone who purchases the DLC and can be used to play through the original campaign.

Diablo 4 Spiritborn War-Cat Mount
Vessel of Hatred’s Ultimate Edition includes a thematic War-Cat mount.

Spirit Guardians deep dive

A deep dive video shared by Blizzard details how each one of the Spirit Guardians will augment the action. Narrative Designer Eleni Rivera-Colon explains that these kinds of spirits have been growing and “changing with the Spirit Realm over millennia.”

As such, the most powerful Guardians can be called upon by Spiritborn to function as an extension of their skills in martial arts.

The Jaguar form is known as Rezoka, the Hunter, a spirit “fueled by fire” who can jump into combat and claw at enemies with ease.

Kwatli, the Seeker manifests as an Eagle, using its incredible mobility to drop into battle with devastating lightning strikes. As seen in the brief glimpse at gameplay in the video below, it can even teleport the Spiritborn short distances during combat.

Wumba, the Guardian is the Gorilla spirit, its form representing a “beacon of protection and strength.” This Guardian’s dominating might allows him to slam enemies around in a manner that would give the Hulk pause.

Finally, the Centipede – Balazan, the Devourer – exemplifies the cycle of life. However, its skillset specifically emphasizes the decay that occurs in death, so the poisonous-looking bile it spews in battle eats away at targeted foes.

Developer comments on the Spiritborn class

Spiritborn is an ancient breed of warrior with clear Mesoamerican influence that hails from the Nahantu region. These warriors draw power from ancestral spirits and the magic of the deep jungle they inhabit.

Game Director Rod Fergusson revealed in an interview with Windows Central that Spiritborn’s playstyle is relatively unique for Diablo.

“We wanted to do something that was completely different,” Fergusson explained. “And so that’s what you see with the Spiritborn. It’s a recognition that we’re going to a new place with Nahantu, and we wanted to have a class that was part of that design.”

Spiritborn leaked Skill Tree

Outside of what has been revealed officially, a number of trusted sources have reported leaked info regarding Diablo 4’s Spiritborn class. Blizzard showed off a number of skills in the class reveal but the leaks detail the various augmentations you can make through branching upgrades.

Remember, as this is a leak, take it with a pinch of salt until its confirmed by Blizzard. The leaked Spiritborn skills are as follows:

Basic skills

  • Thrash (1/5): Dive at an enemy and slash into it dealing 10% damage. Your 3rd attack unleashes a rapid series of slashes around your target, dealing a total of 25% damage.
    • Enhanced Thrash: After killing an enemy, your next Thrash generates 10 additional Vigor, up to 10 casts of Thrash.
    • Accelerated Thrash: Thrash continues to unleash its 3rd attack if cast again within 1.5 seconds.
    • Sharp Thrash: Thrash’s 3rd attack grants a stack of Ferocity.
  • Withering Fist (1/5): Dart at and jab an enemy, dealing 5% damage and applying 30% Poisoning damage over 6 seconds. Your 3rd attack bursts on your target, damaging surrounding enemies and Slowing them by 30% for 3 seconds
    • Enhanced Withering Fist: You gain 1 Vigor per second for every Nearby enemy Poisoned by Withering Fist, up to 10.
    • Accelerated Withering Fist: Enemies Poisoned by Withering Fist deal 20% less damage.
    • Sharp Withering Fist: Withering Fist’s 3rd attack spreads its Poisoning to 3 Nearby unaffected enemies. Hitting a Vulnerable enemy will also spread that effect to all hit.
  • Thunderspike (1/5): Quickly jab forward with a piercing strike dealing 15% damage. Your 3rd attack pierces further, dealing 23% damage and reducing your Evade Cooldown by 5 seconds.
    • Enhanced Thunderspike: Thunderspike generates 5 additional Vigor if you have moved in the last 2 seconds.
    • Accelerated Thunderspike: When you Evade, you attack with Thunderspike along the way and make enemies Vulnerable for 2 seconds.
    • Sharp Thunderspike: Thunderspike’s 3rd attack strikes back again, Pulling in and Knocking Down Distant enemies for 3 seconds.
  • Rock Splitter (1/5): Rush at a target and clobber enemies in front of you, dealing 15% damage. Your 3rd attack strikes enemies around you, dealing 28% damage.
    • Enhanced Rock Splitter: Rock Splitter increases your Block Chance by 15%[+] for 5 seconds and when you Block you gain 11 Vigor.
    • Accelerated Rock Splitter: Rock Splitter increases your Thorns by X for 5 seconds and your 3rd attack deals 100% of your Thorns to enemies.
    • Sharp Rock Splitter: Rock Splitter’s 3rd attack Knocks enemies Back and grants Resolve per enemy hit.

Core skills

  • Rake (5/5): Conjure claws that rake through enemies in front of you, dealing 28% damage before exploding for an additional 56% damage.
    • Enhanced Rake: Casting Rake grants a stack of Ferocity.
    • Advantageous Rake: Hitting at least one enemy with Rake reduces your longest active Cooldown by 0.5 seconds.
    • Rampant Rake: Rake’s Vigor cost is reduced by 2 per stack of Ferocity you have.
  • Stinger (Rank 5/5): Strike a small area, dealing 98% damage to enemies within as well as all surrounding Poisoned enemies.
    • Enhanced Stinger: Stinger applies 50% of its Base damage as Poisoning over 6 seconds to all enemies hit.
    • Advantageous Stinger: If Stinger strikes a Vulnerable enemy it Heals you for 10% of your Maximum Life. If you are Healthy it makes enemies Vulnerable for 3 seconds.
    • Rampant Stinger: Stinger deals 5%[x] increased Direct damage to Elites for every Nearby Poisoned enemy.
  • Quill Volley (Ranky 5/5): Hurl 5 feathers that pierce through enemies, each dealing 20% damage.
    • Enhanced Quill Volley: Quill Volley makes enemies for 3 seconds if they are hit with at least 3 feathers at once.
    • Advantageous Quill Volley: Quill Volley hurls out 3 additional feathers and deals 30%[+] increased damage to each enemy per hit.
    • Rampant Quill Volley: Quill Volley’s feathers fly 50% further and converge on your target with 0.2% additional Critical Strike Chance for each point of Vigor you had on cast.
  • Crushing Hand (1/5): Smash down next to you with, creating 2 shockwaves on either side that overlap and each deal 25% damage.
    • Enhanced Crushing Hand: Crushing Hand grants an equal to 10% of the damage it deals for 2 seconds, up to 50% of your Maximum Life.
    • Advantageous Crushing Hand: Enemies hit by both strikes of Crushing Hand are Knocked Down for 2 seconds.
    • Rampant Crushing Hand: Crushing Hand’s radius increases by 5% for every stack of Resolve you have, up to 40%.
  • Core Passives:
    • Vigorous: Casting a Core Skill increases all Vigor Generation by 5/10/15%[x] for 3 seconds.
    • Velocity: Generate 1/2/3 Vigor each second while moving if you have dealt damage in the last 5 seconds.
    • Follow Through: Your Basic Skills deal 10/20/30%[x] increased damage. Double this bonus for 3rd attacks.

Focus skills

  • Ravager: Passive: Minimum Ferocity increased by 2. Active: Unleash a savage roar, causing all your attacks to trigger additional strikes dealing 60% damage for 6 seconds.
    • Enhanced Ravager: Ravager’s duration is extended by 2 seconds per kill while active. This bonus is reduced by 0.25 each kill to a minimum of 0.5 seconds.
    • Measured Ravager: While Ravager is active, your Core Skills instantly dash to your target and all Vigor Generation is increased by 30%.
    • Replenishing Ravager: Ravager passively stockpiles any Healing you receive up to 40 stacks. While active, Ravager spends stacks to strike Elite enemies up to an additional 4 times.
  • Toxic Skin (1/5): Passive: Enemies that attack you are Poisoned for 30% damage over 3 seconds. Active: Your toxins overflow, applying the Poisoning in a trail and making you Unhindered for 5 seconds.
    • Enhanced Toxic Skin: While active, Toxic Skin’s Poisoning is increased by 100% to 60% over 3 seconds.
    • Measured Toxic Skin: While Toxic Skin is active, your Poisoning deals an additional 25% of its damage over time as Critical Strikes to Vulnerable enemies.
    • Replenishing Toxic Skin: Toxic Skin passively increases Thorns damage you deal to Poisoned enemies by 100%[x].
  • Soar (1/5): Fly into the air, creating a cloud that makes enemies at your target location Vulnerable for 5 seconds before you crash down upon them dealing 50% damage.
    • Enhanced Soar: The next hit against an enemy struck by Soar is a guaranteed Critical Strike. If Soar hits no enemies you instead gain 50%[+] increased Movement Speed for 3 seconds.
    • Measured Soar: Soar’s cloud remains around you for 7 seconds after landing and continues to make enemies Vulnerable.
    • Replenishing Soar: Soar’s cloud remains around you for 7 seconds after landing and continues to make enemies Vulnerable.
  • Vortex (1/5): Create a cyclone that Pulls enemies inward followed by a crushing downdraft that deals 35% damage to them.
    • Enhanced Vortex: Casting Vortex increases the damage of the next Skill cast by 20%[x].
    • Measured Vortex: While you have an active Barrier, your Vortex does 200%[x] additional damage and Knocks enemies down for 3 seconds.
    • Replenishing Vortex: Critical Strikes with Vortex reduces its Cooldown by 1 second.
  • Focus Passives:
    • Mirage: Gain 100%[+] increased Dodge Chance during Evade. Whenever you Dodge, you gain 5/10/15%[+] Critical Strike Chance for 3 seconds.
    • Unrestrained: You deal 3/6/9%[x] increased damage while Unhindered or Unstoppable.
    • Swift: Your Mobility Skill Cooldowns are reduced up to 2/4/6 seconds based on how far you travel with them.
    • Apex: You deal 3/6/9%[x] increased Vulnerable damage. Double this bonus vs Elite enemies.
    • Diminishment: Vulnerable enemies deal 5/10/15% less damage to you.
spiritborn dlc
The Spiritborn isn’t coming alone.

Defensive skills

  • Counterattack (1/5): Passive: Gain 20%[+] Dodge Chance and automatically retaliate against Close enemies for 80% damage when you Dodge their attacks. Active: Dodge all direct attacks for 2 seconds.
    • Enhanced Counterattack: Counterattack’s Cooldown is reduced by 0.5 seconds per stack of Ferocity you have.
    • Adaptable Counterattack: When you Dodge a Control Impairing attack with Counterattack it will reflect that Crowd Control to all Close enemies for 2 seconds.
    • Reinforced Counterattack: Counterattack passively increases your Critical Strike Damage by 10% for every Close enemy.
  • Scourge (1/5): Call forth a wave of insects that bite enemies, Fearing and Slowing them for 3 seconds and applying 100% Poisoning damage over 6 seconds.
    • Enhanced Scourge: Each time you hit an enemy with Scourge you gain 1% increased damage vs Crowd Controlled enemies for 6 seconds, up to 50%.
    • Adaptable Scourge: Lucky Hit: Hitting an enemy affected by Scourge has up to a 50% chance to Life Steal 35% of the damage done.
    • Reinforced Scourge: Casting Scourge grants 100% of your Maximum Vigor over 6 seconds.
  • Concussive Stomp (1/5): Stomp in front of you, releasing a shockwave that deals 15% damage and Knocks Down enemies for 3 seconds.
    • Enhanced Concussive Stomp: Concussive Stomp grants a Barrier equal to 10% of your Maximum Life per enemy hit for 3 seconds, up to 100%.
    • Adaptable Concussive Stomp: When enemies recover from Concussive Stomp, you Dodge their next 3 attacks.
    • Reinforced Concussive Stomp: Concussive Stomp gains an additional Charge and does 500%[x] increased damage to Unstoppable enemies and Bosses.
  • Armored Hide (5/5): Passive: Gain 2 Resolve every 5 seconds. Active: Encase yourself, becoming Unstoppable and gaining 100%[+] Block Chance for 4.2 seconds
    • Enhanced Armored Hide: Activating Armored Hide grants you Maximum Resolve and increases your Thorns by X for the duration.
    • Adaptable Armored Hide: When you Evade through enemies with Armored Hide active, you deal 100% of your Thorns to them and Heal for 5% of your Maximum Life per hit.
    • Reinforced Armored Hide: While active, Armored Hide increases your Block Reduction by 5% for every Nearby enemy.
  • Defensive Passives:
    • Auspicious (1/3): After not taking damage for 5 seconds, you gain up to 10% of your Maximum Life as a Barrier over 10 seconds.
    • Antivenom: You gain 15/30/45%[+] increased Poison Resistance and your Maximum Poison Resistance is increased by 5%[+].
    • Nourishment (3/3): Your Healing is increased by 25%[+]. Whenever you Heal your Poisoning Damage is increased by 6%[x] for 3 seconds, up to 30%[x].
    • Bastion: Gain X/X/X Thorns. While you have a Barrier your Thorns are increased by 30%[+].
    • Patient Guard: Gain 10%[+] Block Chance. After standing still for 1.0 seconds, you gain 10/20/30%[+] Block Damage Reduction. Lasts for 2 seconds after you next move.
Diablo 4 Vessel Of Hatred Spiritborn Spirit Companions
Choosing the right combination of Spirit Guardians will make for insane builds.

Potency skills

  • Rushing Claw (1/5): Slash a short distance through an enemy, striking all enemies along the way twice for a total of 50% total damage.
    • Enhanced Rushing Claw: Enemies hit by Rushing Claw take 10%[+] increased damage from Rushing Claw, up to 80%[+].
    • Invasive Rushing Claw: Using Rushing Claw’s last Charge will instantly refill all Charges by consuming 4 stacks of Ferocity.
    • Poised Rushing Claw: When Rushing Claw hits an Elite enemy you gain 25%[+] increased Dodge Chance for 3 seconds.
  • Touch of Death (1/5): Strike an enemy and infect them, dealing 5% damage and applying 300% Poisoning damage over 9 seconds. When the infection expires or the host dies, a swarm hatches and seeks enemies for 9 seconds, dealing 10% damage per hit. You can have up to 3 swarms active at once.
    • Enhanced Touch of Death: Touch of Death’s infection Heals you for 2.0% of your Maximum Life per second for a total of 18% Maximum Life. You Heal any remaining when the swarm hatches.
    • Invasive Touch of Death: Touch of Death’s swarm bursts every second, applying 30% of its Base Poisoning damage over 6 seconds to surrounding enemies.
    • Poised Touch of Death: Touch of Death is now a Core Skill which costs 70 Vigor and has no Cooldown.
  • Razor Wings (5/5): Whirl out a cluster of razor sharp spirit feathers that rebound back, dealing 70% damage each way.
    • Enhanced Razor Wings: Razor Wings makes enemies Vulnerable for 5 seconds when hitting with a Critical Strike or from behind.
    • Invasive Razor Wings: Razor Wings consumes 3 Charges to send out a spiral of 3 wings at once.
    • Poised Razor Wings: Razor Wings has a 10% chance to regain a Charge when they hit an enemy a second time. Double this chance if you have an active Barrier.
  • Payback (1/5): Smash enemies in front of you, dealing 100% damage. When attacked, you have a 35% chance to reduce Payback’s active Cooldown by 1 second.
    • Enhanced Payback: Each time an enemy attacks you the damage they take from Payback is increased by 5%[+] for 60 seconds, up to 75%[+].
    • Invasive Payback: Becoming Control Impaired while Payback is on Cooldown makes it free to cast and grants you Unstoppable for 3 seconds. Can only occur once every 30 seconds.
    • Poised Payback: Payback passively grants you Vigor when you take damage. Payback is now a Core Skill and consumes all available Vigor to increase its damage by 0.5% for each point spent.
  • Potency Passives:
    • Potent: Hitting enemies with Jaguar Skills increases the damage they take from you by 0.1/0.2/0.3%[x], up to 10/20/30%[x].
    • Furnace: Jaguar Skills deal 2/4/6%[x] increased Critical Strike Damage per stack of Ferocity.
    • Resilient: Casting a Gorilla Skill grants 5/10/15%[x] increased Maximum Life for 10 seconds.
    • Ravenous: Your Centipede Skills deal 5/10/15%[x] increased damage. Double this bonus vs Healthy enemies.
    • Oppressive (3/3): Your Centipede Skills deal 30%[x] increased damage to Crowd Controlled enemies and gain 50%[+] increased Crowd Control Duration.
    • Brilliance: Eagle Skills deal 1/2/3%[x] increased damage for each 20% Movement Speed you have.
    • Acceleration: Casting an Eagle Skill grants 5/10/15%[+] increased Movement Speed for 3 seconds.

Ultimate skills

  • The Devoureer (1/1): The Centipede Spirit emerges, blasting enemies in a line for 140% damage and spitting at others for 40% damage. Lasts for 15 seconds.
    • Harmonius Devourer: As it emerges, The Devourer launches 10 toxic globs that apply 105% Poisoning damage over 6 seconds wherever they land.
    • Exalted Devourer: While The Devourer is active, if a Non-Boss enemy’s remaining Life becomes Poisoned they die instantly and unleash a Pestilent Swarm that deals 30% damage per hit to enemies it passes through.
  • The Hunter: Bound across the battlefield with the Jaguar Spirit, dealing 50% damage upon landing and then rapidly slashing enemies in the area for 200% total damage over 7 strikes.
    • Harmonius Hunter: The Hunter overfills your Ferocity by 4 stacks and causes you to deal 100%[x] increased damage to Injured enemies for 8 seconds.
    • Exalted Hunter: Killing an enemy while The Hunter is present has a 15% chance to instantly reset its Cooldown and cause your next cast within 8 seconds to repeat its 7 strikes an additional time, up to 4 times.
  • The Seeker: The Eagle Spirit swoops down and deals 20% damage. After a short delay it blasts off dealing 300% damage.
    • Harmonious Seeker: The Seeker’s first hit Knocks enemies Down for 4 seconds and the second hit is a guaranteed Critical Strike.
    • Exalted Seeker: The Seeker constantly makes all Nearby enemies Vulnerable while active.
  • The Protector: The Gorilla Spirit protects an area for 6 seconds, continuously smashing surrounding enemies for 80% damage and granting you Barrier for 15% of your Maximum Life every 1.5 seconds.
    • Harmonious Protector: The Protector’s strikes deal 300%[x] increased damage to Non-Elite enemies and reduce the damage you take from Elite enemies by 30% for 6 seconds.
    • Exalted Protector: The Protector’s area persists for an additional 6 seconds. While in the area you are Unstoppable and any enemies or Small Missiles inside are Slowed by 80%.
  • Ultimate Passives:
    • Resolution: Casting an Ultimate Skill grants 5/10/15%[x] increased damage to Elites for 3 seconds. Double this bonus if you are only fighting one enemy.
    • Spiritual Attunement: Your maximum Vigor is increased by 10/20/30 while you have an Ultimate Skill equipped.
    • Supremacy: Any enemies you kill while an Ultimate Skill is active grants a stack of Supremacy, each increasing your damage by 1/2/3%[x], up to 10/20/30%[x]. When an Ultimate Skill ends, you gain 5 stacks of Supremacy, but you begin to lose one stack every second.

Key Passives

  • Vital Strikes: You deal 100%[x] increased damage to Vulnerable enemies. After making an enemy Vulnerable, your next Direct damage dealt to them: – Heals you for 2% of your Maximum Life – Generates 5 Vigor – Removes the Vulnerable effect.
  • Noxious Resonance: Your Critical Strikes cause enemies to burst 100% of the Total Poisoning on them as Poison damage to those around them.
  • Adaptive Stances: The Base Spirit of a Skill cast grants:- Eagle: 30%[+] Movement Speed- Gorilla: 30% Damage Reduction- Jaguar: 30%[+] Attack Speed- Centipede: 30%[+] Life Steal. Casting a Skill of a different Base Spirit swaps to the new bonus and increases all damage by 30%[x] for 5 seconds.
  • Prodigy’s Tempo: Every 3rd consecutive cast of the same Basic Skill increases all Skill Ranks by 2 for 5 seconds. Every 3rd consecutive cast of the same Core or Potency Skill reduces all Skills’ active Cooldowns by 10%, increased by 2% for each of their Skill Ranks.

Many of the skills were not shown off in Diablo 4’s Spiritborn class reveal. They have not been confirmed by Blizzard yet and as such may be subject to change before the release of Vessel of Hatred.

Diablo 4 Vessel of Hatred Spiritborn Class Abilities
Finding the Spirit Hall in Diablo 4 Vessel of Hatred will give you access to the Spiritborn Class Mechanic.

Spiritborn Class Mechanic

The Spirit Hall is the location that will give you access to Spirit Guardians; the Spiritborn’s unique Class Mechanic in Diablo 4. You’ll be able to select two of the four Guardian Spirits; one as a Primary and the other as a Secondary. Each gives you additional boons from the Jaguar, Centipede, Eagle, or Gorilla.

Each Spirit offers a thematic Primary and Secondary bonus with the Primary Spirit granting their tag to all of your skills to gain even more benefits based on your playstyle. The Spirit Guardians and their bonuses are as follows:


  • Primary Bonus: Every 4th time you deal direct damage to an enemy with a Jaguar Skill, unleash additional slashes dealing 100% of the damage of the 4 hits. All Skills are now also Jaguar Skills.
  • Secondary Bonus: For every 4 meters you move, your Critical Strike Chance increases by 4%. This bonus is reset 2 seconds after you Critically Strike.


  • Primary Bonus: Hitting an enemy with a Centipede Skill reduces their Damage by 2.5% and Slows them by 10% for 3 seconds, stacking up to a maximum of 8 times. All Skills are now also Centipede Skills.
  • Secondary Bonus: Heal for 1% of your Maximum Life, for every Nearby enemy you’ve Poisoned in the last 3 seconds, up to 5%.


  • Primary Bonus: Casting an Eagle Skill grants 2 Storm Feathers, up to a maximum of 8. When you Evade, all Storm Feathers are fired dealing 100% Lightning damage and making targets Vulnerable for 3 seconds. All Skills are now also Eagle Skills.
  • Secondary Bonus: For every 4 meters you move, your Critical Strike Chance increases by 4%. This bonus is reset 2 seconds after you Critically Strike.


  • Primary Bonus: Casting a Gorilla Skill deals 100% Thorns to enemies you hit and grants a Barrier for 10% of Maximum Life, up to 40%, for 3 seconds. All Skills are now also Gorilla Skills.
  • Secondary Bonus: Maximum Resolve is increased by 2. When you have at least 5 stacks of Resolve, you are Unstoppable.

Spiritborn hits Diablo 4 on October 8 when Vessel of Hatred becomes available. Hopefully, this guide helps you prepare accordingly.

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