Is Stray coming to Xbox?

Daniel Megarry
a poster for Stray that could be coming to Xbox in the futureAnnapurna Interactive

Stray is one of the most unique games coming out this year, letting you roam the streets of a decaying cybercity as a cat, but is it coming to Xbox? Let’s find out.

Two years after it was announced at PlayStation’s Future of Gaming event, Annapurna Interactive’s cat adventure game Stray has finally arrived on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Windows.

The game sees you take control of an agile feline exploring a post-apocalyptic world full of robots and gorgeous visuals. But if you’re an Xbox player, you might be disappointed to see it’s not available.

So if you’re wondering if Stray will come to Xbox in the future, read on to find out more.

Stray video game gameplayBluetwelve Studio / Annapurna Interactive

Is Stray coming to Xbox?

There’s no word on an Xbox release for Stray yet, but the game has been described as a PlayStation console exclusive “for a limited time” which means it could be released for Xbox in the future.

Stray’s timed exclusivity for PlayStation consoles was revealed in small print that appeared on the game’s initial teaser trailer back in 2020.

There’s no confirmation of how long this timed exclusivity lasts for, though, so it could be anywhere from a few months to a couple of years before it’s eligible for an Xbox release – if it ever does get one.

What is Stray’s release date?

Stray was released for PS5, PS4, and Windows on July 19, 2022. It’s included in PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium at no extra cost. Alternatively, it’s available to download on Steam for Windows users.

As for a potential Xbox release, there’s no confirmation that it’s even happening yet, but if it does, our best prediction would be July 2023 at the earliest because of that timed console exclusivity deal.

We’ll keep this page updated if it gets confirmed that Stray is coming to Xbox at any point in the future, so make sure you check back soon. You can also read our Stray review here.