Stray notebook locations: Where to find all notebooks in Chapter 4

stray cat walking along pipeBlueTwelve Studio

One of Stray’s most important moments is when you’re tasked with finding notebooks in The Slums, so here are all the places you can find them.

Stray has proven to be a popular game with players, especially pet owners, as you take control of an investigative kitty that is quite resourceful in easily one of the better animal games.

The game has several fun tasks for players to complete such as finding vending machines for Energy Drinks and also sussing out the safe’s secret code.

During the course of Stray’s healthy runtime, a story development requires your cute cat to track down several notebooks. They’re not immediately obvious to find, so here’s a quick guide to help you out.

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Where are Stray’s notebooks in The Slums chapter?

During the game’s early stages, a character called Momo breaks down a large part of the story and mentions some notebooks around The Slums area that contain crucial information.

You’re then tasked with tracking four notebooks and here is where you can locate them.

Momo’s notebook location

momo's notebook in stray gameBlueTwelve Studio

Stray very much holds your hand with the first notebook as you’ll receive Momo’s notebook from the very character himself after heading to his apartment and having a conversation with him.

It’s the tall flat with the giant orange sign on the outside. You can’t miss it as B12 chirps at you to head to it.

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Zbaltazar’s notebook location

zbaltazar's notebook in stray gameBlueTwelve Studio

Your second notebook can be a bit sneaky, but not too troubling. To get there, browse the rooftops and look for a blue face square that looks like it’s tucked away behind prison bars.

Once you get there, climb to the top, go to the left of the vent and unplug the power to the fan. Jump down the vent into the room and you’ll be on a bed.

Knock over the stacks of boxes and the notebook will fall out for you to collect.

Doc’s notebook location

doc's notebook in stray gameBlueTwelve Studio

Staying with the rooftops, look out for a square blue face this time with two red lanterns above it and a basic balcony.

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Once inside, find the set of keys sitting nicely on a bed in the back of the library. You’ll need to translate a note to receive the keys. Now, head to the middle aisle and knock three big piles of books over.

You’ll see a safe that you can use the key on and this will have the third notebook inside.

Clementine’s notebook location

clementine's notebook in stray gameBlueTwelve Studio

Clementine’s notebook location can be seen if you do a 180 from Momo’s apartment and you’ll need to walk along a diagonal pipe to get there.

The notebook is quite easy to spot as it will be on a monitor in the flat. Once you’ve done this, head back to Momo to progress the game’s narrative.

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