How long is Stray? Main story length & completionist run

Stray official screenshotBlueTwelve Studio

Wondering how long it takes to beat Stray? Well, whether you’re a completionist looking to 100% the game or just want to know how many hours it will take to reach the credits screen, then our handy hub has you covered. 

While the incredibly detailed environments of Stray may not be as big as previous releases like Elden Ring, this atmospheric adventure title is filled with charm. After all, it’s not every day you get to roam the neon-soaked streets as a cute cat. 

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Those looking to delve into the world of Stray will likely be curious as to how long it takes to beat. However, this factor will largely come down to individual skill, especially given how Stray features numerous puzzles and platforming segments. 

So, whether you’re looking to complete Stray as quickly as possible or you want to get every collectible along the way, our guide has all the information you need. 

How long is Stray?

Stray gameplay screenshotBlueTwelve Studio
Stray features a lot of collectibles for players to collect.

A single playthrough of Stray will take around eight hours to complete. However, those looking to unlock all the game’s collectibles can expect to spend a few more hours wandering around the game’s environments. 

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This time also obviously comes down to how good you are at spotting the items that have been hidden in the 12 chapters. There will also likely be players who can speedrun Stray by finding skips and techniques that make reaching the end credits even faster.

Stray is certainly one of the shortest games to release this year, but there’s no doubt that it is also one of the most beautiful titles to grace our screens. If you’re on the fence on whether you should pick up a copy, then be sure to check out our Stray review

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