Is Microsoft releasing another digital console? Xbox Series XS trademark surfaces

Xbox Series S and X ForzaMicrosoft

Microsoft could already be planning a new digital console to stand alongside the Xbox Series S as the trademark for a Series XS has been filed.

In their fourth generation of the console wars, Microsoft, just like Sony, took to releasing two consoles at once. One in the form of the more powerful Series X while the other was a cheaper, digital-only version dubbed the Series S.

Now, it’s looking like Microsoft could be preparing for the future judging by a trademark application issued by the behemoth company for something called the Xbox Series XS.

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The trademark listing appears near identical to similar listings for the Xbox Series X and S, leading some to believe this could be a digital version of the Series X.

Xbox Series X consoleMicrosoft
The Xbox Series X is Microsoft’s most powerful console.

Needless to say, however, it’s unclear exactly what this trademark is really for and some fans have been speculating that this trademark could just be for the term X/S.

That said, while the above theory is likely, there isn’t current a trademark pending for SX. One other thing to be said about Microsoft and console names is that they haven’t been the greatest at coming up with original takes on new machines.

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As Dexerto reported back when the Series X first went on sale, Amazon saw a 400% increase in Xbox One X hardware sales after fans seemingly mistook it for the new console.

Xbox Series XS trademarkjustia
What is the Series XS?

Microsoft’s history of bizarre naming conventions could be sign that the XS is the company’s plan for the future, especially with Game Pass being such a big selling point. Getting all the benefits of a Series S’s digital-only design and the superior hardware of the Series X could be what Microsoft plans on here.

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Of course, if this is true, Microsoft likely isn’t the only one thinking ahead. Sony’s patents have hinted at a PS5 Pro down the line with multiple GPUs, more memory and several other enhancements.

With this generation of the console wars still in its infancy, it will be interesting to see just how the two rivals approach future hardware releases and build upon their existing brands.

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