Xbox Series X & S refresh: Leaked price, release window & more

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The Xbox Series X and S refresh is allegedly launching in 2024. Here’s everything you need to know, including the leaked release window, price, and more.

Microsoft is working on several gaming consoles to serve as a mid-gen refresh before a brand-new Xbox launches toward the decade’s end. These new consoles could replace the existing Series X and S and take on Sony’s upcoming PS5 Slim and PS5 Pro

We’ve assembled a load of details about these upcoming Xbox consoles thanks to a leaked document from the Microsoft vs FTC case.

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We’ve dug deep and sifted out every relevant bit from this document just for you, and here’s everything that you need to know about the upcoming Xbox Series X & S refresh.

Xbox Series X and S refresh release window leak

The refreshed Xbox Series X and S are rumored to launch in October 2024. The company also plans to introduce additional storage variants in 2025.

While the company has not confirmed the launch dates, it does look like a possibility, given that the next-gen Xbox is scheduled to launch in 2028.

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This gives Microsoft enough time to sell the “refreshed” Xbox consoles and space out the launch of two generations of Xbox consoles.

Xbox Series X and S refresh price leak

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The Xbox Series X and S refresh might be priced at $499 and $299, respectively. These early reports hint that the Xbox Series X might sport 2TB of storage while the Series S might ship with 1TB of onboard storage.

Both the consoles are expected to be digital-only, meaning the Series X will not support a disc drive. The company allegedly plans to eventually phase out the original Xbox Series X, meaning that it could be the last Xbox console with a disc drive. 

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Xbox Series X and S refresh specifications leak

New Xbox controller silhouetteMicrosoft

Both consoles are expected to get minor hardware and design tweaks. While the Series S refresh, codenamed Ellewood, might get minor updates, including the addition of Wi-Fi 6E and BT 5.2, it might also look similar to the current Series S.

The Xbox Series X refresh, codenamed Brooklin, looks to be getting a design overhaul. Leaks show off a cylindrical design, which omits a disc drive in favor of an additional 1TB storage. It is also expected to get Wi-Fi 6E and BT 5.2 for wireless connectivity.

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The leaked reports suggest that the refreshed Series X  and S will be more power-efficient.  Both consoles will sport a USB-C port at the front for easy connectivity. It is expected to deliver 4K Gen9 console gaming with 100% recyclable packaging.

Microsoft is also looking to introduce a new controller, codenamed Sebile, alongside the consoles. While this new Xbox wireless controller will have similar ergonomics as its predecessor, it will come with a rechargeable and swappable battery, modular joysticks, and gyro sensors for immersive gaming.

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Phasing out the disc drive

Xbox logo with Series S and XMicrosoft

Optical discs have had a glorious past; almost everyone has used them. That said, most modern PCs and laptops do not ship with drives, and gaming consoles are a rare exception.

With this refresh, Microsoft wants to prioritize cloud gaming and may want to phase out optical discs. However, users might have strong opinions against this move. However, even Sony’s PS5 Slim is shaping into a disc-less console.

Microsoft may be hinting at making physical gaming discs a thing of the past; however, this move might only help the company and the developers, who might make some extra money by selling digital versions of the games. Moreover, you might be unable to lend or exchange the game discs with your friends and will be forced to buy the digital version.

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