Infamous Titanfall DDoS hacker exposed for racism

Lawrence Scotti
Titanfall 2
Respawn Entertainment/EA

Titanfall 2 recently experienced a massive attack on its multiplayer servers, and the person behind it also appears to have gone on a racist tirade in a Twitch chat.

The Titanfall community has hit a bit of a rough patch as of late. To start, Apex Legends was hacked on July 5 and redirected players to a website with the message “Save Titanfall.” Developers Respawn Entertainment quickly put out a fix though, removing the hacker’s work from the game.

Titanfall has seen little love since Apex Legends became a huge success for Respawn. That community backlash led to the Apex hacking, and now, Titanfall 2’s servers have been hit as well.

On July 12 a Titanfall 2 hacker made the game unplayable for it’s online modes, and Respawn announced that it has “1-2 people” working on a fix. The hacker seems to be somebody named Jeanue, and they’ve popped up recently Twitch chats spewing racist language and blacklisting streamers to stop them from playing the game.

Titanfall 2’s hacker

On July 17, a Titanfall 2 player named Sway Louie posted a video on Twitter showing off their experience with the hacker.

In the video, Sway is viewing a Twitch channel that the hacker is a moderator of. Jeanue has the streamer whitelisted so that they’re allowed to play online. When talking about the chat, Sway says “I can basically sum it up as a big circle jerk, and a power trip for Jeanue.”

Sway also says they were avoiding streaming and played Titanfall 2 off-stream so that they wouldn’t be blacklisted by the hacker. When Sway saw the hacker in the Twitch chat of that stream he says he got pissed off and hopped in the chat.

No plans for Titanfall 3 confirmed by Respawn 2
Respawn Entertainment
Titanfall 2 players wish Respawn would take the attacks on the games servers more seriously.

The chat was asking what the title meant, to which Jeanue replied “banana (the streamer) has a special privilege. only white people has this privilege. Banana is white”. Sway came in and typed “the title means Jeanue is a dumb f**k.” Jeanue took issue with this, telling Sway “you are getting blacklisted forever.”

Sadly, Sway says they “wish I could have faith” in Respawn’s ability to fix the servers and bring the game back to a healthy place. As of now, players across all platforms continue to have problems connecting to servers to play online.