Respawn denies claims they’ve “abandoned” Titanfall due to Apex Legends focus

Respawn Abandon TitanfallRespawn Entertainment

Jason Garza, a developer at Respawn Entertainment, has moved to shut down claims that the company has “abandoned” Titanfall to focus more on Apex Legends, after a hacker raised awareness for the growing ‘Save Titanfall’ campaign.

On July 4, Respawn rushed out an Apex Legends update after a hacker launched a DDoS attack and sprinkled a series of messages in the client that lead players to a website called ‘Save Titanfall.’

The premise of the campaign is simple. They want Respawn to deal with the hackers running rampant in Titanfall, claiming it’s “completely unplayable” despite still being sold today. Ryan Rigney, the Director of Communications at Respawn, slammed the hacker for “ruining a holiday” and said they “achieved nothing of value.”

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However, it did raise awareness to the point where players started asking Respawn whether they’d abandoned the game.

No plans for Titanfall 3 confirmed by RespawnRespawn Entertainment
Titanfall fans claim Respawn has “abandoned” the game by letting hackers run rampant.

Jason Garza, the Community Coordinator at Respawn, recently took on some questions about the state of the game. He revealed that only one or two members are still working on it but insisted that it hasn’t been “abandoned.”

“We’re working on it,” he said. “The Titanfall community is not forgotten or abandoned or anything like that. We’re still working on it, it’s just we can’t telegraph our moves, and we only have like one or two people on it because everybody else is on Apex.”

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He reiterated that it is “something we do work on” but insisted that these things take time. “You can’t just press a button, and everything’s fixed magically,” he said.

Titanfall fans aren’t convinced, though. The consensus is that having one or two people working on the game while the rest of the team are devoted to Apex Legends practically is abandonment, at least in their view.

“Oh my god! The janitor and phone call assistant are working on Titanfall!” joked one fan. “I’d rather you just admit that you’ve abandoned Titanfall,” wrote another.

So it seems like the jury is still out on if the game has been abandoned. But, more importantly, hackers are still running rampant, which is the marrow of the issue; fans want it to be resolved once and for all.

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