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How to watch The Game Awards 2020: Schedule, streams, announcements, more

Published: 7/Dec/2020 3:49 Updated: 7/Dec/2020 13:24

by Brad Norton


Along with being a special night to celebrate accomplishments in the industry, The Game Awards has become one of the biggest events for shocking reveals and major announcements. From when to expect, to when it all kicks off, here’s everything there is to know.

Despite the state of the world in 2020, Geoff Keighley is still pulling together a special night for the gaming community. While there won’t be a crowd, and developers won’t be walking on stage to collect their awards this time around, there’s still a huge spectacle to look forward to.

The Game Awards is one of the biggest events of the year, with many publishers using the spotlight to announce their upcoming projects. From new game reveals to exciting DLC trailers and everything in between, expectations are always sky-high for the exciting show.


This year’s event is no different. Moreover, it’s also one of the best opportunities to reflect on all of the accomplishments throughout the past 12 months. Here’s a complete overview of The Game Awards 2020, including the schedule, announcements up to this point, and how you can tune in.

The Game Awards 2020 streams

As per usual, The Game Awards will be going live in a big way. Not just featured on typical streaming services like Twitch and YouTube, but Keighley’s production will be going out across “more than 35” different platforms. From Twitter, to a direct embed in Steam itself, there are plenty of ways to tune in.


On top of the original broadcasts, content creators are entirely welcome to co-stream the event as well. Meaning all of the biggest streamers can tune in with their own communities.

We’ve embedded a few simple options for you below, some of which boast 4K streaming options for the clearest possible picture. 

The Game Awards 2020 schedule

This year’s event is all set to kick off at a time that should be great across the globe. If you don’t want to miss a moment, make sure you’re all settled in nice and early. The Pre-Show goes live on December 10 at  3 PM PT | 6 PM ET | 11 PM GMT | 10 AM AEDT (December 11).


If you’re just eager to catch the main broadcast, however, that will be going live just 30 minutes later. There’s no set duration for the event this time around, though it usually runs between three and four hours. So expect a similar structure for the 2020 iteration.

The Game Awards 2020 categories and nominations

The Game Awards trophy
The Game Awards
The Game Awards is still going ahead in digital-only form this year.

At its core, The Game Awards is obviously an awards show first. While groundbreaking announcements can easily steal the spotlight, the main goal of the show is to highlight efforts of the most talented developers around the world each and every year.

Most notably, the Game of the Year award itself is extremely competitive. You’ve got six blockbuster titles going head to head in that category, while dozens of others are in the running for various awards. From the best music to the best indie title and plenty more, you can view each and every category right here.


The Game Awards 2020 announcements

While nothing specific is set in stone just yet, rumors have been swirling as they do every year. Could we finally see new Elden Ring footage? What about GTA 6? Some predictions are far more likely than others, though we can already make a few assumptions based on early reveals.

For instance, we know that both Tom Holland and Nolan North will be appearing throughout the show. The face and voice of Nathan Drake respectively, surely wouldn’t be appearing unless they’ve got something to share with the world. If we had to hedge our bets, The Game Awards could provide our first snippet of the upcoming Uncharted movie.


Other than that, we have a few other names locked in for those presenting awards. Everyone from Stephen A. Smith to Brie Larson will be making an appearance. Though it’s safe to assume they’ll purely be announcing some winners, not breaking major news in the gaming industry.

The only other tidbit we have to go off for now, is that Bioware will be showcasing a new look at the next Dragon Age title. Stay tuned for any further updates as we get closer to the big show.