How to use new potions in latest Minecraft 1.21 snapshot

Daniel Appleford
Minecraft Potions

The latest Minecraft snapshot update adds four new potions for players to make. Here’s how to make them and what their uses are.

The latest snapshot for Minecraft’s upcoming 1.21 update introduces a plethora of new features including items, wolves, mobs, and more to the beloved game’s universe.

On Twitter/X, user Silent Whisper has shared details about the new potions in the game along with the ingredients required to craft them. However, official images of these potions have yet to be unveiled.

The latest additions to Minecraft’s potion roster include Potions of Weaving, Oozing, Wind Charging, and Infestation. But, some players are perplexed by the practical applications of these new concoctions.

Potion of Weaving

To brew this potion, players can combine Nether Wart with a cobweb using a brewing stand. Upon utilization, this potion enables mobs to effortlessly move through cobwebs while also generating webs upon their death.

Potion of Oozing

The Potion of Oozing has a unique ability to allow any mob to drop two slime balls upon death, something that makes collecting slime much easier. However, a full block of slime is required to be able to craft it. 

Potion of Wind Charging

Wind Charges mark is another recent addition to Minecraft, granting players a brief boost in vertical height. However, with the Potion of Wind Charging, mobs will mobs explode in wind on death. The implications regarding whether this potion will make the mob drop additional Wind Charges are unknown. A Breeze Rod and Nether Wart are used to craft this potion. 

Potion of Infestation

One of the more confusing potions is the Potion of Infestation which gives mobs the chance to spawn Silverfish when hurt. Silverfish are yet another hostile mob that can often be found when searching for the End Portal. The potion can be made using a Nether Wart and a block of stone. 

Minecraft players were confused with these potion additions, wondering what situation they would be used in. This is criticism for everything but the Potion of Oozing, which players said would be nice to collect Slime Balls from. 

“I just wonder, what exactly is the point of these? If anything this will make it harder to deal with mobs.” said one commenter.

There is no set release date for the whole Minecraft 1.21 patch, but it appears that Minecraft will slowly start releasing updates through snapshots for the time being. To download the latest snapshot, be sure to check the version of Minecraft you are using.