How many areas are in Pikmin 4?

Tyler Constable
An promotional image from Pikmin 4.

Pikmin 4 has finally been released, and if you want to know exactly how many areas you can expect to explore in the game we’ve got the answer right here.

It’s been a long time coming for Pikmin fans to get their hands on a new entry in the beloved Nintendo franchise and thankfully Pikmin 4 is now available. The games are best known for the adorable titular Plant-like Pikmin, creatures that the player controls to help solve puzzles, navigate the world, and progress through the game‘s challenges.

From the main story to the more competitive co-op and multiplayer modes, there’s a lot of content to enjoy in Pikmin 4 but you might be curious about how many areas are featured in the game’s world.

So without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about all the areas in Pikmin 4.

An official image from Pikmin 4.
There’s plenty of content in Pikmin 4 for fans to enjoy.

How many areas are in Pikmin 4?

There are a total of 6 areas in Pikmin 4. Within each environment, there are a number of collectibles to find, including Onions that can be used for upgrades, and a lot of unique Treasure.

In the table below, we’ve provided an overview of each area in the game, all of the objectives to clear, and the items you can find in each.

Area NameOverviewObjectives / Collectibles
Sun-Speckled TerraceThis is the first area of Pikmin 4, where players will learn the majority of the game’s systems and control a few types of Pikmin. Complete x7 Rescues / x4 Onions / x34 Treasures to find.
Blossoming ArcadiaThis a primarily flowery area where players will need to use Blue and Rock Pikmin to fully navigate the area. Complete x9 Rescues / x3 Onions / x60 Treasures to find.
Serene ShoreThe tide in this sandy area will change as time passes and will be at it’s lower at the half point of the day. Blue, Ice, and Pink Pikmin will be needed to navigate the water.Complete x10 Rescues / x3 Onions / x86 Treasures to find.
Hero’s HideawayThis area belongs to the first floor of the Imposing House you’ll see when you start the game, it can be daunting but at least it’s only one floor. Players should use Rock and Ice Pikmin to explore the area.Complete x6 Rescues / x3 Onions / x86 Treasures to find.
Giant’s HearthThis is the garden of the Imposing House, and Red Pikmin is the most helpful in this area. You’ll have to use these Pikmin, alongside some Fiery Pinecones to fully explore the area.Complete x8 Rescues / x3 Onions / x55 Treasures to find.
Primodiral TicketThis is the final area of the game, and it’s a vast forest filled to the brim with poisonous mushrooms and bizarre creatures. White Pikmin can easily help you get rid of any poison in your way as your explore here.Complete x8 Rescues / x3 Onions / x89 Treasures.

In order to unlock each stage in Pikmin 4, you’ll have to collect the right amount of Sparklium – the currency that’s rewarded when you turn in Treasures at the main base. With so much Treasure to find in its environment, however, it shouldn’t be difficult to unlock them all.

That’s everything you need to know about all the areas in Pikmin 4! For more on the game, check out our review here.

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