How long is Helldivers 2?

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While Helldivers 2 is winning the hearts of Super Earth defenders across the galaxy, just how long can you expect to play the game? Here’s what you need to know about its seemingly endless grind.

Helldivers 2 has quickly become a surprise hit in 2024. Almost a decade on from the original’s release, a pivot to third-person, vastly improved visuals, and more alien foes than ever before, all seem to have worked in the sequel’s favor.

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With well over a million gamers jumping in right out of the gate, even causing server issues in the process, many are getting stuck into the grind and pushing democracy to hostile planets. But just how long can you expect the fight for freedom to last?

Here’s what you need to know about the length of Helldivers 2.

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As an ongoing multiplayer title, Helldivers 2 technically has no end.

How long is Helldivers 2?

Technically, Helldivers 2 has no end. The game can be played for hundreds of hours as the galaxy is constantly under threat. And as a live-service title, with plenty of content updates set to freshen things up in the coming months, there really is no limit to how long you can play Helldivers 2.

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Speaking purely to the max level grind, however, reaching the current ceiling could take anywhere between 25-35 hours depending on your skills. The higher the difficulty, the quicker you’ll level up, but reaching the launch level cap is no small feat.

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Beyond that, there’s always new challenges to complete, new planets to defend, and new strategies to master. Just how much value you extract from Helldivers 2 is completely dependent on how much you put in.

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You might feel you’ve seen and done it all after 50 hours, while others may continue perfecting their mission routes for 500 hours. It all comes down to your level of enjoyment.

So that’s all you need to know about the length of Helldivers 2. If you’re getting stuck into the grind, be sure to brush up on some of our other guides below:

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