Horizon Forbidden West DLC teased in actor’s quickly deleted tweet

Brianna Reeves
horizon forbidden west dlc

In a since-deleted Twitter post, Sylens actor Lance Reddick teased his return to the world of Horizon Forbidden West for a possible DLC expansion.

Because Horizon Zero Dawn received a story expansion months after its debut, fans have high hopes that Forbidden West will receive similar post-release support.

Zero Dawn’s DLC, The Frozen Wilds, followed Aloy to Banuk tribe territory, whose harsh landscape proved just as difficult to tackle as the deadly machines that inhabit it.

While developer Guerrilla Games hasn’t formally confirmed future plans for Forbidden West, another Horizon-centric expansion tease managed to reignite the discussion.

Sylens’ actor deletes post hinting at Horizon Forbidden West DLC

Earlier today, September 30, Sylens actor Lance Reddick shared a video on Twitter, complete with the following caption: “Hard at work…in a session for #HorizonForbiddenWest.”

Based on a screengrab, the video showed Reddick with mocap dots positioned on his face. The actor has since removed the post from his page, but a screenshot appears below (courtesy of Insider Gaming).

horizon forbidden west dlc

The post and the quickness with which Reddick removed it suggests the Horizon cast is back at work on Forbidden West DLC of some kind.

This doesn’t mark the first hint at Guerrilla’s continued support for the open-world game, either. Earlier this year, the VSC Rating Board, a PEGI administrator, offered an explanation for Forbidden West’s PEGI 16 rating. In so doing, the board mentioned an “in-game store” used for the purpose of “purchas[ing] subsequent DLC expansions.”

Furthermore, Forbidden West mocap performer Peggy Vrijens shared photos in July of herself donning mocap gear. The Instagram posts led many to believe Guerrilla had begun work on an expansion for the sequel.

Despite these seeming hints and teases, however, the Dutch studio remains mum on what the future holds for Aloy’s journey through the Forbidden West.