Hogwarts Legacy has a quest that is only for PlayStation players

Brianna Reeves
hogwarts legacy playstation exclusive quest

Every version of Hogwarts Legacy on PlayStation will come with an “Exclusive Quest,” regardless of pre-order purchases.

WB Games partnered with PlayStation to announce Hogwarts Legacy approximately two years ago during a PS5 games showcase.

The presentation didn’t reveal much in the way of concrete details, but the two companies teamed up again earlier this year to unveil gameplay footage.

In the months since then, new pieces of information have surfaced piecemeal. The latest of such news blasts came in the form of another delay. Hogwarts Legacy will now launch in February 2023, as opposed to its previously scheduled holiday 2022 release window.

Hogwarts Legacy outlines content exclusive to PlayStation

While looking through the Hogwarts Legacy listings on PSN, Twitter user RetroRaconteur noticed the mention of “Exclusive Quest” for PS4 and PS5.

RetroRaconteur’s tweet captured the attention of Hogwarts Legacy Community Manager Chandler Wood, who clarified that the exclusive mission bears no connection to pre-order purchases.

“The PlayStation exclusive quest comes with any PlayStation version of the game,” Wood noted in a Twitter post. However, he added that pre-ordering the title on PS4 or PS5 will guarantee players access to the “Felix Felicis potion recipe” – aka ‘Liquid Luck.’

At the time of writing, there is no official word on what exactly the exclusive quest on PlayStation hardware will include. And whether or not the content in question will ever migrate to other platforms presently remains a mystery, as well.

Given Hogwarts Legacy’s relationship with PlayStation throughout its marketing cycle, news of exclusive PS4 and PS5 offerings hardly comes as a surprise.

This isn’t the first time that WB Games has inked an exclusivity deal with Sony, either. Many may recall that certain Batman: Arkham Knight skin packs only launched across PS4.

Hogwarts Legacy comes to PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms on February 10, 2023. A Nintendo Switch version should launch at a later date.