Hogwarts Legacy delay frustrates fans as Avalanche devs come under fire

Joe Craven
Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy game

Frustrated Hogwarts Legacy fans have hit out at developers at Avalanche Software after another delay to the game was confirmed, pushing it back to a February 2023 release.

Hogwarts Legacy is an upcoming RPG set in the incredibly popular Wizarding World. Ever since the first Harry Potter novel was released, fans across the world haven’t been able to get enough of all the magic the series has had to offer.

Despite its lucrative nature and overwhelming success, fans are still waiting on a truly immersive game set in the Harry Potter universe and many have high hopes for Avalanche’s Hogwarts Legacy.

Avalanche announce Hogwarts Legacy delayed to February 2023

However, the game’s original release date of 2022 has been pushed back multiple times, with the most recent delay being announced on 12 August. The devs said: “The team is excited for you to play, but we need a little more time to deliver the best possible game experience.”

It did give players a concrete release date of 12 February 2023, but many fans were irritated by another delay to the game, which was originally slated to release in 2021. It was then pushed back to ‘Holiday 2022’ and now to early 2023.

One fan stated: “The leaked teaser, where the game looked perfectly presentable, came out in 2018, since then you’ve given us two release windows that have failed to be met. Nobody wants a broken game but this is taking the p*** a bit.”

Another commented: “Stop announcing release dates if you can’t meet the mark! This is such a bad trend in modern games.”

However, some did defend the game and its devs, saying that they’d rather a more polished and complete experience on release rather than an unfinished and glitchy mess, as has been the case with other titles pushed out before they’re ready.

One player, for example, said: “I would rather have it pushed a little bit so that it doesn’t get released unpolished. If it came Holiday 2022 everyone would complain it’s unpolished. An extra 2 months is not that bad.”

Regardless of the criticism, Avalanche are set on a February 2023 release date. Here’s hoping Hogwarts Legacy is worth the wait.