Beware of Gotham Knights story spoilers following art book leak

Following the leak of its art book, Gotham Knights story spoilers have begun making the rounds online, so hopeful player should beware.WB Games

An art book leak has resulted in Gotham Knights story spoilers prematurely making the rounds online; as such, hopeful players should beware.

Gotham Knights will finally hit store shelves in a couple of weeks, offering an adventure wherein players assume the role of Batman’s protégés.

Such a release has been a long time coming, too, given the fact that developer WB Games Montréal hasn’t shipped a new game since Batman: Arkham Origins in 2013.

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Unfortunately, instead of focusing on celebrating Gotham Knights’ forthcoming launch, those looking forward to it will probably spend the next few weeks ducking and dodging story leaks.

Art book pages featuring Gotham Knights spoilers have leaked

Gotham Knights: The Official Collector’s Compendium will launch on October 25, a few days after the game arrives. However, some customers received their copies early.

A few people have started sharing content from the compendium online, with a number of images boasting spoiler-filled details about the story.

The contents of the art book won’t be shared here, but fans interested in the Gotham-set adventure should remain vigilant for the next several weeks.

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As the narrative spoilers continue to spread, Gotham Knights developers such as Executive Producer Fleur Marty have condemned the behavior of leakers.

Gotham Knights takes place following the events of Bruce Wayne’s mysterious death. Instead of the Bat, players will step into the boots of Nightwing, Red Hood, Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl, and Tim Drake’s Robin.

Popular rogues including the likes of Mr. Freeze and the Penguin will appear, though the Court of Owls constitutes the game’s main antagonist.

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Better still, players will have the opporutnity to take on these threats and others with friends, thanks to Gotham Knight’s four-player co-op feature.

Gotham Knights comes to PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S this fall on Tuesday, October 25.

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