Gotham Knights will let your progression in a friend’s world affect your own

Josh Tyler
The Red Hood faces Clayface

New footage from Gotham Knights reveals exactly how progression will work when playing with friends and how it can change your world.

Gotham Knights has teased players with a massively expansive, open-world version of Gotham City, the likes of which gamers have never gotten to explore before.

All five boroughs will be fully explorable with a team of friends as you patrol the streets of Gotham fighting crime and solving puzzles to help catch nefarious foes like Mr. Freeze, Clayface, or Harley Quinn.

This expansive world and the ability to experience it with teammates raised some questions about how those two would interact. But those questions were answered in a new gameplay video.

How Gotham Knights’ cross-progression affects your world

In a video with IGN, the developers behind Gotham Knights explained how players will be able to join their friends to play through missions and how it will affect their own game.

In each online game, one player will essentially be the “host” of all the others in their lobby. Those other players can gain loot and experience while playing in another player’s world, but their progress in the game’s story will not carry over.

When players return to their own world, it will “reset” back to where it was before. However, that doesn’t mean that players will have to beat the same bosses over and over.

Instead, if players do beat a particular mission or boss in another player’s world, they will have the option to skip that same mission once they come to it again in their own world.

Ostensibly, this could provide a workaround to playing some of Gotham’s non-repeating missions, which the video also discusses, but it also provides an avenue for players to game together and not lose that progress when going solo.

Gotham Knights will release on October 21, 2022.

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