GOALS dev reveals plans to launch a “basic” and “poor” version of the game

Joe Craven
GOALS game logo on red background

GOALS dev Andreas Thorstensson has outlined the team’s plan to launch the football simulation game before its development is complete, claiming a “poor” version of the game will allow them to cater to player feedback.

GOALS is highly anticipated in the video game community, with fans of football simulation titles eager to see if the Stockholm-based title can displace FIFA or eFootball at the top of the market.

While details surrounding the game remain scarce, the dev team have pledged to put gameplay first and maximize the in-game experience.

That remains the message from Andreas Thorstensson, who is also the founder of German esports organization SK Gaming.

In an August 7 interview, he outlined more details on GOALS and announced the intention to release the game long before it is actually completed.

GOALS football game will release “way too early”

Asked how the development team will quantify the success of the game, Thorstensson explained that it is planned to launch GOALS prior to the development process wrapping up so as to allow extensive community feedback.

“We want to launch a very rudimentary, basic, poor version of the game,” he said. “And give that to the community early, like way too early. People will laugh at the quality of the game, but that’s the point. We want them to test the game in the beginning when we can fix the core gameplay mechanics and gameplay features.”

While other games almost always try and perfect the game prior to release so as to minimize issues for players, GOALS will take a contrary approach and deploy patches after launch to bring the title up to standard.

It’s certainly a risky tactic, but with GOALS being confirmed as free-to-play and hoping to dethrone the ever-popular FIFA series, innovation from the devs could well help their cause.

Emphasizing that a football game should be fun, Thorstensson said: “We’re skipping all the fancy animations, fancy 3D models. We’re just gonna make it basic so people can actually try it.”

The full interview touched on his origins as a FIFA player and how the expensive licenses of the football world pushed GOALS to prioritize gameplay over anything else.

Here’s hoping it translates to a successful football title.

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