Gloomwood devs promise Bloodborne-inspired DLC if Dogecoin hits $1

Luke Edwards

The developers of horror game Gloomwood have promised a Bloodborne-inspired DLC if the meme cryptocurrency dogecoin hits the value of $1.

Everybody knows about the insanity going on with GameStop on the New York Stock Exchange, where a bunch of redditors have forced a hedge fund into paying extortionate money for a comparatively worthless stock.

Well, this development has inspired a new trend: investing in dogecoin. Originally designed by two software engineers as a joke, dogecoin is used to donate money to people on social media, and is derived from the ‘doge’ meme.

But with memes and the financial sector closer than ever, investors have decided to pump up the value of dogecoin. Before January, it had never really reached values greater than a penny. On January 29, it hit 50¢, before plummeting to around 3¢.

Doge Meme
The Doge meme inspired a new kind of cryptocurrency.

Dogecoin could inspire new Gloomwood DLC

Amid this lunacy, New Blood Interactive, the creators of horror FPS Gloomwood, have announced their intention to create a Bloodborne and Blood-inspired DLC.

“If dogecoin hits $1 Gloomwood will get a DLC inspired by Blood’s Cryptic Passage and Bloodborne’s The Old Hunters,” he said.

He jokingly urged fans not to tell co-developer David Szymanski about the promise, explaining, “he’ll be mad.”

Fortunately for Rogers, Szymanski was fully on board with the idea. “I can’t wait for New Blood to go bankrupt tomorrow because of dogecoin,” he tweeted. “Literally the most on-brand way to go out.”

While a free demo is available, Gloomwood is yet to be released in full. Still, this hasn’t stopped fans from urging people to buy up dogecoin in a bid to make this idea a reality.

Gloomwood already derives heavily from 90’s horror titles like Blood, and includes parallels to Bloodborne in terms of settings and themes, so it would be interesting to see what this new DLC would add.

Of course, dogecoin has to reach $1; whether it actually will is another matter.

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