Asmongold claims The First Descendant is “pay-to-win”

James Busby

The First Descendant is finally live and popular Twitch Streamer, Asmongold, has given his first impressions on the new looter shooter. 

Asmongold has been busy delving into The First Descendant, the latest looter shooter that aims to rival the likes of Warframe and Destiny 2. Despite the game receiving performance issues on PS5 and mixed reviews, it has overtaken Elden Ring as the top-selling game on Steam.

The First Descendant recently reached 229k concurrent players on Valve’s platform, which is expected to rise even further. One player who has been delving into the action is Asmongold, who has given his early impressions on Nexon’s looter shooter. 

“Game’s pretty good, I’ve enjoyed it so far. It’s a free game that has pay-to-win features, so if you think that is garbage then definitely don’t play the game. Is the pay-to-win extreme? I can’t give an answer to that right now, but you can get ultimate characters and upgrade materials” explained Asmongold. 

Despite this, the streamer seemed pretty positive and revealed that he aims to continue playing both on and off-stream in the future. As for the game’s longevity, Asmongold did note that there are a lot of new titles on the horizon – mainly that of Zenless Zone Zero and Once Human. 

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ZZZ releases July 4 and is the latest free-to-play gacha game from the makers behind Genshin Impact, while the post-apocalyptic MMO Once Human releases July 9. “I enjoyed Once Human more, but it doesn’t mean The First Descendant is bad. I don’t have a rating for the experience that I had, but it was a fun game to play and it was entertaining for a while.”

If you do plan on giving The First Descendant a go, be sure to pick the best starter character to get the strongest headstart. If you have progressed through the story and want to know how to unlock Bunny and Gley, then our guides will give you all the information you need.