Game-breaking Watch Dogs Legion bug is corrupting saves

James Busby
Watch Dogs Legion bug

Watch Dogs Legion players are now reporting a game-breaking bug that corrupts save files and renders them unplayable. 

Ubisoft’s latest open-world, Watch Dogs Legion has received a lot of praise for its beautifully detailed depiction of London and unique party dynamic. While the majority of players have been hacking their way through the city streets uninterrupted, there have been reports of a new bug that’s corrupting save files. Ubisoft has yet to provide an official statement on the matter, but for now, it looks like Watch Dogs Legion players have more than just DedSec to worry about. 

These reports have been floating around on Reddit and now players are taking to Ubisoft’s official forums to voice their complaints. After all, there’s nothing worse than spending many in-game hours grinding away, only for your save file to completely disappear. Here’s everything we know about Watch Dogs Legion’s game-breaking bug.

Watch Dogs Legion corrupt save file bug

Watch Dogs Legion hacking
DedSec isn’t the only threat to watch out for in Watch Dogs Legion.

Just like the majority of Ubisoft’s open-world titles, Watch Dogs Legion features an auto-save system that saves your game constantly. While this may sound like a fantastic idea for those that wish to not have to worry about manually saving every few minutes, it can lead to some rather frustrating situations. One of the biggest problems currently facing Watch Dogs Legion players is the game’s auto-save feature. 

This feature is meant to alleviate the issues of traditional manual saves. However, when you combine this with various game crashes, you have a problem that can be tricky to fix. There are a multitude of different reasons as to why a game can crash. Whether it’s down to hardware or software related problems, there’s always something that can potentially harm your experience. 

However, when you combine multiple crashes with an auto-save feature, you usually have a recipe for disaster.  Reddit user StandsForVice wrote “Some believe this issue is tied to the crashing, and more specifically the bug related to the main menu freezing. Pressing quit to main menu can result in players exiting to the main menu only to have the game freeze for 10+ minutes, all the while the game attempts to autosave.”

The main problem occurs when players try to bypass the freeze by pressing Alt+F4. Obviously, this results in the game not saving correctly and leaving the user with a corrupted save file. “There is also evidence pointing towards multithreading being a culprit, the Reddit user notes. “Most of the reports seem to be on PC, but there are also rumblings of it on consoles.”

Possible fix

As of writing, there is currently no way to fix this bug. Instead, it’s best to back up your save on PC and keep the file somewhere safe. If you have been affected by this bug, then make sure you report it to Ubisoft’s official support site. Hopefully, this game-breaking bug will be fixed in an upcoming patch. 

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