Every present code in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Lawrence Scotti

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is finally out as Nintendo fans have been diving into Kirby’s latest journey on the Switch. Here are a handful of free codes that will help get you extra Star Coins and more.

The pink puffball is back, and this time, he’s sucking up everything in sight.

The latest entry in the iconic series is Kirby and the Forgotten Land, a 3D adventure game where Kirby can suck up and become nearly everything in sight, including cars.

To celebrate the launch of the game, here are some free present codes that get you some goodies at no extra charge.

A poster for Kirby and the Forgotten Land's release date
Kirby and the Forgotten Land launched on March 25.

Every present code in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

In Forgotten Land, players unlock buildings in Waddle Dee Town which grants Kirby more options and mini-games.

One of these important buildings is Waddle Dee-liveries and the Delivery Waddle Dee. This is the building that allows players to use present codes and obtain items, trophies, and Star Coins.

Here are all the free present codes:

  • MOUTHFULMODE – 100 Star Coins
  • FIRSTPASSWORD – 100 Star Coins
  • KIRBYSTORY –  300 Star Coins
  • CLEARDEMO – 300 Star Coins
  • NEWADVENTURE – 300 Star Coins, 1 Rare Stone
  • THANKYOUMETAKNIGHT – Three Rare Stones
  • THANKYOUKIRBY – 1000 Star Coins, 1 Rare Stone

The codes are case-sensitive, so make sure you enter them in all caps to reap the rewards.

Kirby showing off his new Ranger ability in Forgotten Land
Kirby gets a bunch of new abilities in Forgotten Land.

Although codes can be obtained in-game by finding them throughout your campaign run, Nintendo has been giving out free codes to get a jump on viaTwitter.

The list above includes all the Kirby and the Forgotten Land codes we have as of now and be sure to check back periodically as we update the list with any more codes that are made available.

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